08.01.2017 - 11:49 PM
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Dirty Soap

Clean Skin is accurately named from a technical standpoint. light flowery fresh start giving the impression of another in the long list of soapy-clean light sillage economical fragrances currently on the market. The second wave settles into a powdery rendition of a solid women's sports deodorant stick. These are not unpleasant accords, just unexceptional. Lastly, a scratchy sweaty unwashed bit of, let's call it "Egyptian musk-style" musk appears. My hypothesis is that most people might achieve this same experience by 1. Walking through a steamy Women's Locker room at a gym. Or conversely, by showering with any over-the-counter deodorant soap bar, followed by the application of a powdery over-the-counter deodorant stick and then just going for a jog/hot yoga class and not showering again until the next morning. C'est tout!

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