Devils Food by Demeter Fragrance Library / The Library Of Fragrance
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Devils Food is a popular perfume by Demeter Fragrance Library / The Library Of Fragrance for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is gourmand-sweet. It is still in production.

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Sugar, Cocoa, Wheat, Vanilla, Chocolate



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Submitted by Bee, last update on 11.09.2019
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In hell, you eat chocolate cake!
Here comes another Demeter fragrance, and luckily not necessarily one that smells bad or strange! D

No, it's about Devils Food today, where I first wondered what that meant at all. I mean, what's that name supposed to mean anyway? The devil's food????
No! Devils Food is a kind of cake, or rather a kind of chocolate cake (oh yes, now everybody is listening, isn't it?)! One in which the chocolate content is higher than with normal chocolate cakes and usually even two chocolate icing are used (oh, stop drooling! :D). This makes the chocolate cake particularly chocolate-intensive and also darker than you otherwise know it.

There is also a cake called Angel Food Cake (no, it's not from Thierry Mugler...!) which is exactly the opposite of this cake here. Angel Food is therefore light, loose, very fluffy, but should of course also be very tasty.

I'm not sure how Devil Food Cake smells (or why it was called that), but I think it will smell wonderful and so I'll come to the fragrance:

The fragrance:
Great, as expected you get a ravenous appetite with the first sprayer! It actually smells SOFORT of delicious LECKER LECKER cake :D
You can smell the juicy cake that somehow makes you taste everything... uh, I can smell mine: The chocolate icing on top, the actual chocolate cake body, which smells like the finished baked cake dough, and of course a whole lot of sweet, chocolaty scents such as milk chocolate, dark chocolate and cocoa. Add lightly powdered vanilla. The only thing I don't really notice is the sugar I've given you.
The scent is, like almost all chocolate scents, a real treat for the palate... uh,.... or here rather "nose pleasure" and smells heavenly... hmm.... or in this case rather devilish, and is therefore worth a sin :D
Oh,... you might already be able to imagine it: The very late base actually smells, once again, almost only like vanilla :D

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The radiation is normal. At the beginning still strong, the radiation then oscillates in the normal range, so that one can be perceived with it without immediately pouring in the whole environment.
The shelf life is above average, which is for a fragrance with vanilla in it but somehow short. After six or seven hours, the scent becomes considerably weaker and gradually disappears.

The bottle:
Well... you know my opinion about the Demeter flacons. Simple, rectangular, practical with an overcharged label on which the name of the fragrance is written on a stripe, which this time of course is suitably chocolate brown. It would have been much nicer if the labels also had a small motif on them, such as a picture of a piece of cake or something.

Hm, the scent smells... well, who can imagine? Of course: Yummy. I mean, it smells like chocolate and cake. Chocolate cake, then. Who can resist?! But I have to admit that I also like fruit cakes a lot, mu ha ha ha ha: D

Be that as it may, you can use the scent well for it, if you want to get cravings or something :D
But maybe it also fits in autumn and winter as a night scent, because it smells sweet and looks delicious. You could try it out, but in the long run the Sillage loses more and more of its power.

So Devils Food is a cake, a kind of chocolate cake! Which makes you think that you would only eat cake in hell, of course chocolate cakes or pies... which will probably make you ladies mutate into "bad girls" so that you can go to hell just to eat all the chocolate cakes. But I can reassure you, you don't need to become extra bad girls, because the way you always treat me here ("DonJuan, try this!") DonJuan, test it! DonJuan, you're a nerd! DonJuan, you're a freak! etc. etc. etc. You'll all go to hell anyway, mu ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!
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