28.12.2016 - 02:58 AM

Unholy Red Poppy Zingers!

This was a free gift with my purchase, thank goodness! Demeter has some truly astounding single note essences that capture the soul of the subject in the bottle. Some of the library offerings, such as "Dirt", "Holy Smoke", "Thunderstorm" and the now discontinued "Crust of Bread" are legendary. The beauty of these scents is their excellent mimicry, economy, perfect for blending and layering your own unique scents and their whimsical reach into the human subconscious, delicately teasing out the best of childhood memories, glorious travel adventure fantasies and miscellaneous peculiar fetishes. However, this is sickly synthetic red fruity scent that reminds me of Red Zinger hibiscus tea blended with Cherry Jolly Rancher or Cherry Kool-Aid mix and Tuscan Blood Orange by Pacifica. The notes I perceive are hibiscus- juicy blood orange and a synth-strawberry-cherry complex. My Red Roibos tea has never smelled anything like this, fortunately. The intensity of cutie-fruitiness on this makes it difficult for me to image where or why I would need this scent as it is being done in so many better more refined and/or interesting formulations. I would rename this one "Red Popsicle". I should mention as a side note, this is also slightly headache inducing. On the brightside, this has light sillage and poor longevity.

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