Outrageously Vibrant (2014)

Outrageously Vibrant by Diana Vreeland
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Outrageously Vibrant is a popular perfume by Diana Vreeland for women and was released in 2014. The scent is fruity-floral. It is still in production.

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Patchouli, Rose, Blackcurrant



7.9 (77 Ratings)


7.9 (61 Ratings)


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7.9 (70 Ratings)
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Greatly helpful Review    18
The test of knowledge: how perfection can result from two problems and a favourite note.
As some of you know, I have quite often problems with fruit chords in perfumes. I know others do, so I'm going to elaborate a little here, because Outrageously Vibrant has a distinct fruit content. It even meets two of my three negative fruit criteria. Yet this scent has taken my heart by storm. I'm surprised myself. How did that happen? I'll try to explain it to me and you here.

My three negative fruit criteria are as follows:
1. if the fruit is not clear to me.
2. when it develops acidic fermented on my skin (unfortunately this happens with a lot of fruity scents).
3. when there is only sweetness and/or musk in the fragrance besides fruits.

Points one and two are given at Outrageously Vibrant: Outrageously Vibrant starts with fruit undifferentiated in my nose, which develops slightly acidic.
Strangely enough, however, the undifferentiated doesn't seem bad to me here. But why? I think because the fruit here is not sweet. For me an interesting finding.
The fruit is fresh and slightly tart, unsweet and then sour. The sour thing bothers me and I think I'll wash off the fragrance, but before I decide to, it gets better again. The acid recedes after about ten minutes and leaves a slightly bitter, dry transparency, which is now underlaid with some spice.

As some of you also know, I often don't smell rose as such in fragrances. I have already written a blog about this phenomenon. But now I recognize a certain chord as a variant of what others apparently smell as a rose, because whenever I smell that chord in a fragrance, rose is an essential component of the pyramid. So here, too. But how does this rose note smell to me if I don't smell it as a rose? For me it smells light and soft, in fact most likely floral, pleasantly natural and somewhat spicy with a little warmth, so that it soothes, calms and pleases my heart. I like this "rose" very much, even if it doesn't smell like roses to me.
(By the way and noted in passing, there are also other fragrances for "rose", which I also do not perceive as rose, but which nevertheless smell completely different than the chord described here.)

So far it's all quite strange: I have a fruit that I can't distinguish, a chord that I know is called a rose but doesn't smell like it to me; fermented food that appears short, then fortunately disappears and then, yes, then it comes: patchouli.

Patchouli appears almost with a delay. First I notice it and think this beautiful, subtle patchoulin note, without any association of crypt or even just hippie time, could well be stronger. And after perhaps one hour my wish will be heard: the patchouli will grow stronger! How nice!

I have never smelled a patchouli in a single fragrance with which I can identify as fully as with this one. It is light and soft and dry, transparent. And although it is neither earthy nor wet nor heavy, it is still clearly patchouli. As with some other perfumes, I have the idea that patchouli fragrance must have an aromatherapeutic healing effect. Together with the subtle rest of bitter fruit, now without any acidity, and the wonderfully mild rose accord, which does not smell of rose, I get a perfect unagitated melange.

The day after wearing, I can't believe it: Outrageously Vibrant silently and secretly outdid himself overnight: My clothes from yesterday and also myself, if I haven't showered yet, smell almost divine!

This is a fragrance with which I can identify one hundred percent. With the exception of 10 minutes of fermented food after about a quarter of an hour, it is perfect for me! If I had another signature, Outrageously Vibrant would have what it takes off!

I thank Guufy for the test of knowledge!
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