Perfectly Marvelous (2014)

Perfectly Marvelous by Diana Vreeland
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Perfectly Marvelous is a popular perfume by Diana Vreeland for women and was released in 2014. The scent is floral-spicy. It is still in production.

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Céline Barel

Fragrance Notes

indian jasmine absolute, Red sandalwood, Pimento, Jasmine sambac, Cashmeran, Resins, Spices



7.9 (37 Ratings)


8.0 (30 Ratings)


7.2 (31 Ratings)


7.9 (40 Ratings)
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Greatly helpful Review    19
A summer night's dream
A sprayer and your breath stops: madness! What is THAT? Intensive, space-consuming, an announcement without regard to losses. I look around in horror: Oh, God, is there anyone around who might collapse and it's my fault? No, thank God I'm alone. Then I ask myself: Who would wear such a fragrance seriously and on what occasion?
About 10 days later, I have the answer: Me. And actually for any occasion.

But of course you can't. In the workplace, I can't risk people collapsing. There are also social events in which I would not like to be excluded. So I hold back and wear Perfectly Marvelous mostly at home. However, this already requires concessions: My cats demonstratively avoid my nearness.
They obviously don't like it when their human smells like it's a huge forest of Jelängerjelieber in full bloom with lily-covered soil and surrounded by jasmine.
Probably they run away instinctively in order not to be narcotized on the spot and thus at the mercy of any potential enemy.

Well, compared to me cats are rather small animals, besides I am quite robust and I would have to spray a lot to be narcotized myself.
But it's interesting that I'm especially fond of Perfectly Marvelous at night, not only out of consideration for third parties.
I sleep particularly restfully with this smell and dream also beautifully.

After a few hours, the white-flowered hawks are somewhat deprived of their tip and a delicate, resinous spice becomes discernible. This was surely already there before, because otherwise Perfectly Marvelous would appear to me certainly too one-sidedly white flowering herb-emphasized.
Even though I find the flowers to be extremely intense, they are not really pungent. And although neither honeysuckle nor lily are listed in the pyramid, I don't perceive the scent as a distinct jasmine scent, rather I smell honeysuckle in the foreground. Nevertheless, the sea of flowers is somewhat stinky. But that doesn't bother me, on the contrary, it gives the scent a little Herbes as a counterweight. I also find it very pleasant that there is hardly any sweetness in it.
The resinous substance comes through more and more in the course of time, has a more and more soothing effect, but remains discreet and never comes to the fore. Gradually it is gently supported by dry wood.

At first intense and pompous, but without being heavy, the flower horn of a summer evening changes into a flowery, woody, spicy, dry, never-ending, warm summer night Yes, the durability leaves nothing to be desired: 10 hours minimum.

I thank Kayliz for the remaining bottle from the exchange game.
He's a true summer night's dream!

P.S. My husband's had a cold for the last two weeks and barely smells. After his recovery, there may be further exclusion coming my way
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