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Bad Intense by Diesel
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Bad Intense is a perfume by Diesel for men and was released in 2017. The scent is spicy-woody. It is being marketed by L'Oréal.

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Nutmeg, Spices, Blond tobacco



6.2 (33 Ratings)


7.4 (29 Ratings)


7.2 (29 Ratings)


6.5 (37 Ratings)
Submitted by Michael, last update on 13.02.2020.
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Bad intention
My scent!

The top note is a little too intense. Seems intrusive at first. After about an hour, however, this subsides and a horny scent simply unfolds. Never thought the combination of tobacco and nutmeg could capture me like this.

Silage and shelf life are exceptionally strong. So you should never break the five-point rule with this fragrance.

Sprayed on the clothes you have something of it the whole week, also because for me the fragrance gets better and better the more the base becomes dominant.

An interesting finding at the end: Sprayed Bad Intense on the shirt, worn for a day, then sprayed Grey Point from La Rive on it the next morning and also worn for a day, results (at least for me) in a fragrance on the evening of the second day that is so similar to Versace Eros Flame that it is hard to mistake! No kidding. Maybe it suits me too, but I also own Eros Flame and have compared it directly... The resemblance was astonishing!

Conclusion: A must have for me. One of the few fragrances that I attribute the ability to reflect what I want to reflect:

Bad Intention (that's more likely to be his name)
7.0 10.0 10.0 10.0/10

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Less helpful Review    1
Have recently smelled at a colleague this smell, and must say the has directly banged rattled :-) I asked him then what a smell is and then he told me Diesel Bad Intense .

i bought the small bottle for it, for the first time to test ...

have received several compliments *-*

then I bought the 125 ml (price is really the >hammer

the days my colleague had had diesel bath on it
(It smelled at least 2 hours intensive afterwards the scent flies a little ...I had for comparison only times so the expensive scent of TOM FORD on it Tabacco Vanilie

the purchase is worth

lg Calibraman
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6.0 8.0 8.0 5.5/10

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Very helpful Review    6
Bad stays bad, upps, I meant bath stays bath!
Oh, yes, bathroom. Back when I tried Diesel's new fragrance, I knew that some people had to like it just because of the way it was presented, but I wasn't one of those who liked it. Well, as always it's a matter of taste!

Because extremely synthetic, extremely irrelevant with admittedly nice beginnings, bath was for me a smell, which disappeared simply only fast again into the irrelevance and I wanted to spray it actually also never again me. Well,... but one day it had to be again, and it had to be again, and it had to be now recently, because I tried the Bad Intense and wanted to compare it with the normal bath.

Well,... and to say it first of all: No, I didn't like this bath either, even though it had a much better start. Soon he also smells like bathroom just extremely synthetic, but in a bad, cheap smelling way, where you soon have him enough and just want to wash it away from your arm! But that didn't work immediately, because I still had to know the durability, at least to some extent :D

The only advantage was that while testing or writing this comment the song "Bad" by Michael Jackson was constantly played in my head, which I think is good, because it is one of my favorite songs by MJ :D
At least a small consolation for the fact that my arm still stinks terribly :D

The fragrance:
Soo, the scent doesn't start bad in itself. I smell spices, but especially intense tobacco. That's okay, that's autumnal, so nice fitting for this season, so far so good. A few minutes later the fragrance becomes sweeter. The sweetness is also still nice and reminds me of slightly powdery tonka bean.
The difference to the normal bath is that here the citric notes are completely omitted and the fragrance therefore immediately begins heavier. The iris and the light salty notes are also missing.
Anyway, the smell isn't bad yet, it actually smells quite nice, especially if (indefinite) woods are added.
Aaaaaber: After about 30 minutes the first synthetic notes become noticeable. But that doesn't have to mean anything bad, because many fragrances have synthetic notes. However, these notes are getting worse and worse, which means that it simply doesn't smell very pleasant anymore and also draws the fragrance down extremely, since this synthetic lets the fragrance appear extremely cheap a little later. And then the smell is on the level of the normal bath, with the difference that the normal bath smells bad from the beginning (in my opinion for me).
Well, that's how the fragrance stays and smells mainly woody and spicy with a good dash of tonka bean (most of the tobacco has left by then), but these fragrances simply don't smell pleasant or beautiful because of the mentioned synthetics.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is strong, you notice the scent for a while well on you, and that only when passing by. That's typical, of course. If you have a great fragrance, you want to be noticed, but you are unlucky that the sillage is low. With a fragrance that you just want to test and get rid of quickly because you don't like it, you are suddenly perceived by the whole world :DD
(Quote: "Pooh, you smell awful intense today!" :D)
The durability is therefore also really good with over ten hours (with me anyway, and I think he probably lasts longer than ten hours, but after so many hours it was just enough for me and I had to wash him,... and even worse, the sleeves of my sweater now stink even more extremely of this smell here *sigh* :D).

The bottle:
The bottle is the same rectangular bottle as the normal bathroom. It's black and has an imitation leather-plastic look that you either like or don't like. In any case, the flacon stands out from other flacons. On the front is still big and in gold BAD on it, but this time the Intense is written under the BAD. Otherwise everything is as usual, handy and easy to spray. Personally, I don't like the bottle that much.

Soo, that wasn't anything for me either. In spite of a nice start, this fragrance unfortunately also had a very synthetic and cheap scent later on, which for me lands in the category "once and never again!

So it's no wonder that I flee to the women's fragrances now and then, hoping to get something nice under my nose :D Even if certain people still don't want to check this out for inexplicable reasons, or can't, that I just like to test and describe fragrances here, no matter if women or men's fragrance.

Anyway, if you want to use the scent, I advise you to use it only in autumn and winter, because it is spicy and sweetish and has a strong sillage, where only a few sprayers could make others feel crushed by the scent. However, I would recommend other fragrances anyway:
If you want to stay in the simple mainstream area (which is NOT a bad thing!), then you should have a look at fragrances like "Le Mâle Essence de Parfum" by Gaultier, because this is a great fragrance for autumn and it smells a thousand times better than the other Le Mâle Gaultiere, and a thousand times better than this fragrance here. Or you use Armani "Code Profumo" (or A-List), or Prada "Luna Rossa Black", or... oh, there are enough scents that fit very well into autumn and also smell very good :)

So just go test it, but don't sacrifice an arm for this scent! :D
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Amber Bomb
There are three things to be said about this fragrance.

It is a 20,000lb metallised HE bunker-busting amber bomb!

It is a 20,000lb metallised HE bunker-busting amber bomb!

It is a 20,000lb metallised HE bunker-busting amber bomb!

Caviar!!? What the fulminate of mercury!? (I've just been apprised of a ~Caviar~ note in this 'fume!) This gets weirder & weirder! You know what, I absolutely adore this fragrance. Does no-one out there also like sometimes to just throw subtilty & finery to the winds, & just rock something that _seriously_ thunderously clappeth it on? I certainly do, and this is the instrument wherewithal to do just that! 

I discovered this in a crowded raunchy bar one Saturday night: the fragrance was just filling the place, and I started to try to narrow the provenance of it down to its source; but the task was rendered much easier by the rapport that easily arose between myself & the lady wearing it - arose _before_ in fact I had identified her as the source: which maybe goes to show that, as for people who like this fragrance, 'takes one to know one'!

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