Dior Homme Intense (2011) by Dior

Dior Homme Intense 2011

Version from 2011
17.08.2021 - 03:47 AM

Bedtime lullaby?

This perfume comes with a lot of hype so when the opportunity came for me to get my hands on a bottle I jumped on it right away. I had never put my nose on it so I patiently waited for it to arrive in the mail. I had seen people rave about this as a very sexy seductive date scent which I could not wait to spray it on myself before my next date night with my lady. It finally arrived, I opened the box sprayed it and waited 30 min and remember saying out loud "Is this it, is this the masterpiece everyone raves about?". I expected a WHOLE lot more character, maybe I'm being unfair since I had such high expectations based on others reactions. As for the scent itself is actually really nice. I get the iris lip-sticky note at the top and it's quite pleasing. Lavender follows giving it a bit of freshness and the dry-down is quite powdery. I do get and dark-ish kind of insense note which I do enjoy although it is very subtle. The scent itself is an 8 in my opinion now the performance is another story. This is very soft projecting and does not last on my skin at all. I get maybe and hour of soft projection and 5 hours of longevity. I have yet to try this in cooler weather and have only worn it in Florida summer heat which maybe is affecting the performance a bit. I wore it yesterday for lunch and drinks and spent quite a bit of time outside and it was jot cloying at all. After 3 hours it was a skin scent and although my lady enjoyed it she could hardly perceive it at all sitting right next to me. Odd enough this is a lovely and relaxing scent for bedtime wear.

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