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Dior Homme Intense 2011

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22.08.2022 - 10:49 AM
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Three E's: Easy, Effeminate and Elegant.

After hearing about Dior Homme Intense, and consistently seeing it in the top 10 fragrances in Parfumo over the past few months, I bought a sample and wanted to know if it was worth the hype.


First, let us talk about the smell.

Dior Homme Intense is not a complex fragrance. It opens with a powdery floral that is almost certainly iris, which mixes with a light musky sweetness. Once the iris wears off, the cedar becomes more prominent and mixes with the musky sweetness that continues to linger.

Dior Homme Intense is an example of how simplicity can work in a fragrance.

One of the largest critiques about the smell is that Dior Homme Intense smells feminine, especially to men who grew up around women and know what lipstick sets smell like. Perhaps if the era was the mid-2000s or earlier, Dior Homme Intense would have a different name, and advertising would market toward women.

I strongly believe that women can easily wear this fragrance with zero problems. While cedar is considered more masculine, the iris and light musk is more prominent.

That said, the likely goal of Dior Homme Intense is to create the allure of an elegant gentleman that consistently has women around him so frequently, that they leave their scent on him. It succeeds, as the fragrance presents a captivating and alluring aura.


A 100 ml bottle of Dior Homme Intense has the traditional classy feel of a men’s fragrance.

A clear rectangular bottle with a translucent black cap is not exactly grand bottle artistry. However, the classic look is elegant, and will always look great on a dresser or on a display shelf, nor is the bottle embarrassing enough that one must hide it in a drawer, a closet, or inside the box.


In terms of performance, Dior Homme Intense is outstanding.

With projection, Dior Homme Intense hits a rare balance that is difficult to achieve. The overall projection is strong and noticeable, but the fragrance does not overwhelm everyone when in proximity, allowing for more people to move closer. Again, elegance without being overbearing or trying too hard.

In terms of longevity, two sprays of Dior Homme Intense last for about twelve hours, with the opening lasting for about three.

This is a fragrance that will follow a person throughout the day without a respray, but a person wearing it will not feel like they are drowning in it.


Thanks to the unique performance of Dior Homme Intense, it gains some flexibility that is difficult to achieve with fragrances that have strong projection, making it easier to wear.

As a result, it is usable throughout the year, with the only questionable time to use it is on a blazing summer day outside. (As musky smells can radiate in the heat.) Also, while Dior Homme Intense is fantastic in the fall and winter, I will go against the grain, and state that the fragrance easily shines the brightest in the spring.

As for social scenarios, Dior Homme Intense works in an office or school environment without annoying everyone and is usable daily.

On the negative side, the musky aspect may be too much for the gym, even if it is on the lighter side.

That said, ultimately, the best usage for Dior Homme Intense is as a nighttime fragrance (especially on a date night). While lightly sweet, it will stand out as unique because it is not the typical super-sweet fragrances that most people smell on men in 2022.


Overall, Dior Homme Intense is an outstanding fragrance and is mostly worth the hype it receives, and I bought a bottle after trying the sample. However, I highly recommend sampling first, as the critiques are valid, and the fragrance is not for everyone.

For example, someone looking for an artistic or complex fragrance to make a statement should look elsewhere. Likewise, someone who is looking for a more traditional masculine fragrance, or someone that hates powdery scents will be massively disappointed.

That said, Dior Homme Intense is best for people trying to be considerate of other people while having their own identity. They want a fragrance that projects, but do not choke out a room. They want a fragrance that stands out for going against the common trends, but also works in attracting positive attention. If this is you, you may like the results.
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