Dior Homme Parfum by Dior

Dior Homme Parfum 2014

06.11.2018 - 03:59 PM

Dry and Dusty Leather + vintage DHI

It opens with the familiar Dior Homme Intense - Iris, with a scent of lipstick and light sweetness, but is dense as machine oil and without any freshness.

A minute later the leather appears and the composition becomes dry, dusty and very slightly animalistic, but it does not lose the smoothness of the iris, which I suppose is helped by the sandalwood.

In the drydown, which is noticeable even after 10 hours, the perfume remains pretty much the same.

In short: This is the original metrosexual DHI (which we all miss dearly) with added dry and dusty leather, making it a much more masculine composition.
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