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Dior Homme Sport (2017) by Dior / Christian Dior
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6.8 / 10     120 RatingsRatingsRatings
Dior Homme Sport (2017) is a perfume by Dior / Christian Dior for men and was released in 2017. The scent is citrusy-fresh. It is being marketed by LVMH.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBlood orange, Citron, Grapefruit, Pear
Heart Notes Heart NotesElemi resin, Pink pepper, Nutmeg
Base Notes Base NotesSandalwood, Haitian vetiver



6.8 (120 Ratings)


6.5 (97 Ratings)


6.2 (97 Ratings)


8.4 (111 Ratings)
Submitted by Michael, last update on 17.11.2019.

Interesting Facts

The face of the advertising campaign is British actor Robert Pattinson, filmed by Romain Gavras.
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8.0 8.0 7.0 6.0/10

0 Reviews
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Helpful Review    3
"Please stock up!"
It's a good thing that the esteemed Skylab firstly made a timely comment here on the now no longer entirely new Dior homme sport 2017.
And secondly, I'd better not have overlooked him.
Otherwise I might have known too late that there would be a new version for one of my favorites and could not have hurried to the next perfumery after the release, taken a detailed sample and then announced my extraordinary displeasure about this olfactory challenge from Dior What I write down with some time delay now also here.

Essentially, after the test I could only confirm what was already readable about the scent.
Quite apart from the fact that I don't understand the artistic-aesthetic value this reformulation has anyway five years after the launch of the last - albeit quite successful - version, a minimum of recognition and familiarity for customers and fans should be paid attention to, as long as commercial aspects are in the foreground (as I suppose).
In automotive engineering, the next generation does not make a rectangular wind tunnel shocker out of a design rounded off, eye-catching bestseller.

Only unfortunately François Demachy played around a bit too much with the scent here for my taste.

"More aquatic and flatter", as skylab described the prelude, one can call it.
In comparison to the 2012 DHS (and already this was no increase to the original version of 2008) I would rather call this confused scented brew of several tropical fruits a nasal imposition.
As a familiar top note it can hardly be identified.
If the grapefruit is also processed here, then it is probably one that had already rotted in the fruit staircase at the bottom. Hard, bitter, one-dimensional, very difficult to get used to.

Check this part off, but fast.
Fortunately, the impression of and association with what Dior homme sport has so far actually made out is now emerging again in the further course of events:
A nobly composed citrus freshness from dominating bergamot, which later subtly merges into a warm, resinously framed main body of woods and vetiver. Quality and refinement that you can literally smell out of your mouth.

"Appearance" says it already:
This new DHS is not really a good thing for the heart and base of the wearer, who might still be enthusiastic about it. Everything somehow very powerless and listless.
As pale as his testimonial Pattinson was to be seen in "Twilight", this time the advertised fragrance also works.
The final part fits to this:
If the old homme sport in particular once again clearly changed its appearance from the previous course, it remains strangely contourless and difficult to record.

At least in durability and sillage, the inclined DHS fan does not have to take any big swabs even with a new one.

Conclusion and back to the heading:
In view of this rather improved relaunch, the request there naturally means the penultimate issue, as long as it can still be obtained on winding paths and with luck.

72 Reviews
Big Full-Circle
I've just had a very weird experience with this 'fume that demonstrates just how weirdly the olfactory faculty can behave. When I was choosing this from amongst other Dior offerings I went through the process everyone reading this is no doubt familiar with: "don't fancy that one ... well, that one's alright, maybe ... oh! now I ^do^ like ^that^ one!". Got it home, tried it a few days later ... seemed to smell nothing like what it did in the shop! Was terribly disappointed: thereafter I used it a few times for summary freshening after swimming, thinking "might as well use this one for the rougher tasks"; then changed to using some inexpensive EDT for that purpose (and changed again, & again), and put this one away & forgot about it. Very recently I found it again, thought "I'll have a quick spray of it just to remind myself ... and behold! It smelt just as it did when I first tried it in the store & really liked it!

I'll bet the general °shape° of this story is familiar to many of you.

Wouldn't say this is anything very special, though. Don't know why I bought it really: I think in a certain instantaneous moment it just seemed the best choice. But now that it's °rehabilitated°, it maketh a perfectly respectable adornment to my 'fume collection. It ^does^ smell ^very^ strongly of orange in the opening. In fact, I think that ^might well^ be the explanation of my choosing it.

You know, as to this °rehabilitation° business - I feel like I've just gotten it now as a gift! And I'm amazed at dysosmia manifesting so specifically ^and^ on so very lengthy a trajectory at once.
8.0 4.0 7.0 8.0/10

12 Reviews
Helpful Review    4
Creamy blood orange, citrus and sandalwood
I have only used it for 3 weeks and in cold weather indoors, so I can not say how it will be in the warmer weather. Bought it mainly for use in work/university. It opens with a nice clean scent of blood orange, I do get some grapefruit/citrus as well - but not as strong. The fresh citrus scent fades after 1-1,5 hours, and becomes a skin scent that last 8-10 hours. After the first 2-3 hours I mostly get the sandalwood, with a very small hint of citrus - but it sits close to the skin. The sillage is 30-60 cm (1-2 feet?). I bought it, because I was looking for a clean, fresh work scent, that I could use in an office environment and also getting "sweaty" when doing more manual work. A scent that will not offend anyone, fresh citrus, yet very classy scent. I think this will be better in the spring/summer time, could be used for a light workout!
10.0 6.0 8.0 9.0/10

51 Reviews
Not your average sport perfume!
Uplifting scent, it is very fresh and smelling good, versatile, you'll get compliments wearing this one, i didn't try 2012 version but i got a sample from this one and it is really really good one, it is not a beast mode when it comes to silage but it is okay, some scents are meant to be like that because if it is too loud you might not like it.

Blood orange and Sandalwood are a perfect mix here, smells so fresh and manly, i really don't care about the performance since i do enjoy its smell and i cannot wait till i get my hands on a full bottle.


IanFriedrich 2 years ago
If you want compliment fragrance & hate Sauvage.
Do try DHS 2017.
The opening scent a little similar of Bleu de Chanel, but not all of it.+3

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