Diorella (Eau de Toilette) by Dior

Diorella 1972 Eau de Toilette

28.09.2012 - 01:28 PM
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The truth about Cinderella

In the kingdom Dior used to live a nice girl, called "Cinderella".
She was a poor afflicted girl who was tormented and exploited by stepmother and stepsisters.
The butler of the house Mr Edmond and his charming Mrs. Roudnitska, had pity on the little poor girl and they decided to help her. A happy chance should release her soon from this plight, because king Dior gave a banquet to which all marriageable maidens were invited, so that the prince who was known as quite "sauvage" for himself may search a bride among them.
Cinderella should absolutely take part in the ball and conquer the heart of the prince.
But to it could come in addition, it required first of all of a few basic-recumbent changes, because so dirtily and ragged as Cinderella was, she could on no account show up to court. Moreover, she also lacked fine manners and etiquette.
Edmond prepared Cinderella a hot bath with fine herbs and bergamot and Roudnitska then she anointed with a fine oil from fruits.
Because Cinderellas dress was torn by the sisters, as everybody knows, the butler and his wife, weaved to her fast a dress of fresh flowers from the garden. So gracefully and so nicely, as no evening gown of the best tailor could have been. As a jewellery she carried a chain from jasmine blossoms.
Cinderella looked wonderfull and she smelt really majestically as it was due only to one princess.
Finally she learnt of Edmond a few more court rules and manners, practiced with Roudnitska the smooth way on the Oakmoss and danced already after a short time a classical Vetiver.
To the beginning of the banquet our nice Cinderella rode on a musk-ox to the castle where she crept by the cellar to the ballroom.
All rules of rank and nobility were represented, beauties assembled from all four corners of the earth round the attractive and marriage-willing prince. However, when Cinderella entered the hall, it became quiet and everybody looked only at her. With her beauty and the charming smell which surrounded them, she had pulled them all in her spell, also the prince. He took her tender hand and danced the whole night away with her.
The big event, the wedding of the both, was soon celebrated in the whole kingdom. Cinderella became Diorella and they happily lived together.
Their daughter who has already arisen, in the meantime is called, by the way, also Diorella. She has the beauty of her mother (whom I got never to know, unfortunately) inherited, however, should be substantially more tiny. Well, to the charm of mummy she probably does not come after..... but, nevertheless, I find her simply charming!
Fact is -
about this wonderful smell it was written already so much that I have simply permitted sometimes a little artistic freedom to myself and give a small fairy tale to the best.
However, I must admit that I am in the possession of the new version of this scent and do not know the "old one"! The new version is still absolute after my taste; up-to-date with this air of inimitable classical period we find again in the old Diors.
I would classify this smell as a seasonal allrounder and basically he is able to carry to every opportunity. .
The spicy lemon prelude reminds me a little of orange peels on the stove, no more quite freshly and, nevertheless, exiting. The flower splendour in the heart always keeps to themselves a slightly bitter note which allows to work this smell though very femininely, however, also seriously and adult.
The base is a dream, smoothly, nobly and velvety dark green.
Should I be sad now because I might not get to know the original, the mother of the young Diorella, anymore? No! Since it tyres me only to mourn over and over again past,I´m simply glad about the fact that her successor smells wonderfully on me!

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