Fahrenheit (Eau de Toilette) by Dior

Fahrenheit 1988 Eau de Toilette

07.02.2022 - 12:07 AM
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A classic. Masculine confidence in a bottle. How your dad smelled in the 80s.

I think every guy owes it to himself to try Fahrenheit on for size - see how it works for you. It can definitely be the 'alpha Wall Street / Corporate bro who time traveled from 1989' vibe if you want it to be. A date or office staple for the mature man.

But it can also be 'young, sleeveless t-shirt, cutoff shorts, tan, speeding in a '87 Camaro in the July heat to 7-Eleven to pick up a slushee, sitting next to a pretty girl who smells like vanilla and coconut and laughs every time you gas it at a yellow light'. Basically, a sexy, young Boomhauer from 'King of the Hill' (with or without the heavy accent, your choice).

It's what I'd assume going to Reno with your best buds in that city's 80s heyday would smell like. It's rowdy and boisterous and sexy. It's classy, masculine but ALSO a bit campy and playful. It's the best attributes of testosterone, bottled. It takes confidence to wear, but can also inspire confidence in the man who wears it. It's for a man who hates (or wants to take a break from) modern men's fragrances.

Guys, go for it. See where it takes you. I can't imagine a well-rounded fragrance collection that doesn't include this absolute mad lad of a scent.

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