Leather Oud by Dior

Leather Oud 2010

25.06.2022 - 02:36 AM

Dior Classic

Civet along with the sweetness of Amber & leather. Offensive for some people but If you want something special (out of the box thinking)…this is it! The combination of Oudh & leather gives it à classic Dior touch. The cardamon is there while you get also thoughts of incense. Imagine you are in South of France & the weather is hot….you are walking in The Old Town of Nice & you enter this small old fashion store…an aged woman (55+) sits behind her desk while she is carefully reparing vintage watches. It’s just the impression you get from that tiny (old fashioned) store, kind of early 1900’s building wich may looks “dusty”….but overall it’s architecture in The old Town of Nice…& the lady shines out a certain class …wearing Leather Oud…..that’s her statement! How special she is with her proffesional occupation…that’s What Dior Leather Oud is saying….it has character, charmes & you need to walk those small streets in Nice & enter one of those tiny classical (almost dusty) shops to feel the Old Town….And The charismatic lady with her glasses on The edge of her nose, selfconfident ….well…..let Dior classical Leather Oud captivate this story in a bottle.

Leather Oud is mind blowing!!!
If you are into Cuir Beluga’s classical French touch…Then this will certainly suits you! Love it!!!

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