Oud Ispahan by Dior

Oud Ispahan 2012

26.03.2022 - 02:52 AM

Palace garden

It’s reformulated for sure, it’s watered down for sure, but it’s still good and still it’s Ispahan! Yes Palao oud from dyptique performance wise is bit better, but this scent leans more unisex and that’s exactly why i love this one more!

Oud Ispahan.. imagine a palace, big big palace when you open the gates and go in, you see a lot of art and colours trough everywhere of the palace.. and in the middle a small fountain with roses around it. Spices and some fire with woods to keep the palace warm. This is how it smells. The elegance opening of that animalic oud and rose combo, gives you a real Middle Eastern vibe. During the transformation of the scent it becomes more western and the woods and sweetness take over. This is where you can call it unisex. Sweet rosey woodsy scent it becomes. Amazing and excellent job on this one from Dior, but it lacks the power of the older batches where the animalic lasts about 3/4 hours with good projection, here I don’t get that much. Let’s wait and macerate it till the next winter. But one thing is for sure, the vibe of a very elegant palace with fountains and rose waters is here.. the oud not sure if it’s real but they made it almost perfect !
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