Fève Délicieuse by Dior

Fève Délicieuse 2015

06.06.2021 - 09:24 AM

More then just a Gourmand: A special memory

The first time I sampled Feve Delicieuse (FD), I thought it smelled good and yummy, but it wasn't something I'd wear—too feminine for a guy. However, the more I smelled it, the more it reminded more of a very specific memory from my childhood. I kept smelling it because I needed to identify that scent memory, and then one day, eureka! It came to me: you know when you're at the beach walking on the boardwalk and suddenly an ocean breeze picks up the scent of all the tasty desserts around you—cotton candy, funnel cakes, fudge, ice cream, and so on—and smacks you in the face with it? That's what this reminds me of! The aromatics in the opening and the ambergris in the background remind me of the fresh and salty ocean breeze; while the sweeter notes remind of me all the tasty snacks I'd smell while walking along the boardwalk. Oddly enough, in this scent memory, the sky is grey and cloudy as if it may storm soon; but that ocean breeze is so dang refreshing that I don't even care. This scent memory is special to me because it conjures up memories of a time when I was just a kid hanging out at the beach with the family and without a care in the world. Now, whenever I need an instant mood booster, I just spray this on and I immediately get sent back to that memory. For that reason alone, Feve Delicieuse will always have a spot in my collection!

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