Poison (Eau de Toilette) by Dior

Poison 1985 Eau de Toilette

22.07.2020 - 02:08 PM
A deadend mind.
So, Poison by Christian Dior -Then & Now!
Jesus...what is this?
What have they done to Poison CD??
Nothing but nothing is like what it was.
You can thumb down my review but be sure that you want to do it because I'm saying my truest opinion.
This was my cousin's perfume back in the 80's, I remember how she was smelling and how RICH and BOLD this perfume was.
It was so good!
A year ago she showed me the magical bottle and I smelled it and I went back to my childhood memories.
About an hour ago I went to a perfume shop and I tested some fumes.
I was looking at Poison and I said "let's give it a try".
How disappointed I felt...I put it down and said WHY?
My SA was looking at me.I was very serious and very sad.
I told her "have you got another tester"?
She said, "you are lucky, I have one in a drawer but it may not smell good".
I sprayed this time again to see what is happening with the famous Poison.
Same thing.
Light, watered down like hell and you only smell that "real Poison" aura if you wash your hands.
Not unique, not anything just another destroyed perfume.
You must have smelt the vintage one to know how this bomb beauty was.
So, sorry...:((
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