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Spice Blend by Dior
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Spice Blend is a new perfume by Dior for women and men and was released in 2019. The scent is spicy-sweet. It is being marketed by LVMH.
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Rum absolute, Bay rum, Spices



7.6 (83 Ratings)


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Submitted by RobK, last update on 15.11.2020.
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Top Review    22  
They stood around in the courtyard in their grey felt robes,
again, one leaning against the other, in silence,
The walls of the houses were grey, as were the shops of the
Windows, the frames and the doors. Grey were the pavement
and the small walls, the benches in front of the grey parks-
areas and grey on grey the lettering on the prohibitions-
describe. Grey were the tubs in which grey trees
and grey was also the exit, which led out
into the wide, gently shimmering grey landscape.
C11 put his hand on his jacket and felt the firm,
round shape of the flacon. All of a sudden he saw it in front of him,
he didn't even have to bring it out. A perfect
Foreign matter. Cylindrical, salmon-coloured or rosè, perhaps
also mauve. He knew many such wonderful colour-
names from the Forbidden Books. And warm he seemed
to be as if a heart was beating inside him.
All of a sudden the effect kicked in. The scent she first
a few minutes ago, began to apply it
...to lift it up. First only a small piece, then more,
over the grey ground, over to the other one
What carried him, safe and reliable, was a strange
familiar melange of warm spices, a light
sweet breath of kitchen luck and herbal secrets,
from loving baking secrets and old grandmothers
know. A brownish-orange world where he is gently
without knowing where he actually was.

Only now he noticed not far from himself M24, which is in
in her own little scent.
He knew that it was a slightly different kind of magic that made her
uplifted, comparable perhaps with another,
no less powerful fuel. He knew these games-
type of elixir almost as good as his preferred one, the
spicy warm. For her it was this certain, strange
encouraging freshness that she took with her. A freshness,
which at the same time reminded her of her father's shaving rituals,
and which carried something blue-green with it, but in which also
soft golden and ochre scents floated.
And which led them back to long gone
School routes, where the only pleasant thing is a little
red gumball machine. Which was kind of illegal
the effect of sweet-fresh, artificial minty of the colourful
Gum balls loved them both. Just like the
comforting power of cloves and this not directly
tangible, tender-elegant sweetness, which at the same time reminds of flowers
and reminded me of simple childhood dessert pleasures.
Something powdery-floating was to be something at once
Light and heavy, which had the power to take them out of the
Gray to kidnap.
Whether the one who provided them with the powerful substance, supplied
put herself in great danger, she cared little.
Also not whether something completely different is behind it
She also didn't care much that he
"Spice Blend." They just called him "Blend" -
because it sounded so beautiful. And because they were so dazzled
by the colors of the other side. But also because it
just sounded so wonderfully friendly.
And certainly that wasn't an incorrect name for something,
which will always be soft to you as with a soft shutter
opened the access to another world again.
A world that gave you the opportunity again and again,
to get to know someone totally new.
And so each time they swept a little bit stronger and
more relaxed. The grey seemed to them to be a little less
to be monotonous and depressing, they could with a
Sometimes subtle differences can be detected. And so they began
to give it names - stone grey, field grey, mouse grey,
old iron grey and hair grey, wood grey, skin grey, light grey
and leaf grey.
After every trip to the other side with her double-
bödigkeit of warming, sweet and toasty spice and
self-confident freshness, the something anti-authoritarian, almost
more subversive, they found the gray less mono-
chrome, less colourless, less intense.
And in the same measure the other one appeared to them
Side to gradually become a little paler.
It was as if the bowls of a scale were slowly
...to get out of the city.
And so they wandered back and forth as needed and
became older and more satisfied, calmer and more sedate.
Little by little the contrasts between the
Worlds softer and more blurred, like the pictures
in a never-ending crossfade.
But a smooth, inconspicuous greyish grey crept in /> clothed being - the forgetting.

And the big TJB23, third largest in its sign
algorithmic core, leaned back satisfied
back. Yes, he could probably be satisfied, because once
more he had been able to close a leak, from which only to
were happy to escape unpredictable wishes.

And yet, unnoticed, unremarkable and
hidden, they still remained, patiently waiting -
the untrodden paths, unfelt feelings and
undreamed of dreams.
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Helpful Review    9  
I can understand the Spicebomb association, but Spice Blend can do even more.
Although I already like Spicebomb very much and I even considered wearing this fragrance myself, hehe, I must say that I like Spice Blend even more. Spice Blend smells even more noble and arrogant (in a positive sense).
The spiciness is very pleasant.
Goes in the direction of freshly washed with tart men's shower gel, for real men.
Then a shave and aftershave on the face.

When the employees are annoying again, when colleagues are late and the suit was warm again in the office because the air conditioning is broken, in the evening comfort the soul with rum.

The more I smell Spice Blend, the clearer the image becomes. I like the unisex categorization because fragrances should be worn by everyone who identifies with them, but I actually see Spice Blend more in a man One who knows what he can do, is confident and has little patience for the incompetence of others.

So what's the scent now before I digress again:
Spicy, fresh, slightly sweet.
No unpleasant rum note.
Spice Blend is not a drunkard, but only drinks this noble rum, because he has too much money ;)
Besides, he has to go back to work tomorrow and has no time for a hangover...

I'd love to see a couple of men wearing this.
Some people think this is too mainstream But if I did, I wouldn't like it ;)
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AntonioPORTAntonioPORT 11 months ago
A boozy spicy fragrance with a sweet touch. It reminds me immediately Spicebomb I must say, but this one is more poudery and lighter to use.

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