Tobacolor by Dior

Tobacolor 2021

18.03.2021 - 11:03 PM

Dior take on tobacco

When I heard about this fragrance I was very excited because whenever I talked to salespersons from Dior, I told them that Dior is missing a great tobacco scent. Now I got some experience with the scent and I want to share it with you.

First of all, Dior is not reinventing the wheel with this fragrance. There are certain aspects about this fragrance that can be found in other scents. I also want to say that as far as my research goes, this fragrance seems to be highly skin dependent. Some people have said that it is ultra sweet, others that it is ultra smoky. I can only tell you how it is on my skin but want to make you aware, that you should not blind buy this fragrance upon my experience, because yours might be different.

The fragrance starts with sweetness from the honey, fruitiness from the plum (I don’t get much peach) and smoky spiciness from the tobacco. The opening kind of remind me of the recently discontinued Plum Japonais by Tom Ford. It is not the same but I get similar vibes. Those vibes last for about 90mins.
Afterwards the fragrance develops in the direction of Back to Black by Kilian Paris. Honey and Tobacco are still present, smokiness is gone and some fruitiness is still there but less prominent. This stage of the fragrance lasts for about 2more hours.
The fragrance develops one more time. In the last 4 Hours of it’s lifetime it almost comes across like there is an Amber accord still with fruitiness. At this stage the fragrance reminds me of Ambre Eccentrico by Armani Prive.

As you can see the fragrance develops quite a lot on my skin and I really enjoy that. Although the fragrance reminds me of other fragrances at each stage there is not point where I would consider this fragrance being a clone or redundant to the ones mentioned in my description.

The performance is quite good, although it could be a bit better for the type of scent that it is. I get a longevity of about 8 hours and heavy projection for the first 3 hours and 3 more hours of medium projection.

The bottle and packaging hasn’t changed compared to other releases from the line.

Dior recently increased its prices by about 10%. Some other fragrances from the line are now not worth it anymore, however, if if you like how the fragrance smells on your skin, I’d still recommend a buy. But do not blind buy!
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