Do Son (2005)Eau de Toilette

Do Son (Eau de Toilette) by Diptyque
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Do Son (Eau de Toilette) is a perfume by Diptyque for women and men and was released in 2005. The scent is floral-sweet. It is being marketed by Manzanita Capital.

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Fragrance Notes

Tuberose, Orange blossom, Jasmine, Marine notes



7.0 (174 Ratings)


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Submitted by Seglein, last update on 25.10.2019.

Interesting Facts

Do Son is a city at the Gulf of Tonkin in Vietnam.
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8.0 6.0 7.0 7.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    13
Flowery holiday memories
Good evening to you all!
Today I come to Do Son (EDT), which is a scent of diptyque. A brand I had discovered when I was new to the world of scents and looking for great fig scents. So I came across the excellent and super great Philosykos of Diptyque (EDT,... I like the EDP slightly less than the EDT). And I think Diptyque was one of the first niche fragrance brands I got to know.

Well, then I tested myself through some diptyques, found some great, some bad, how it is and tried among other things also this smell here, which I did not describe at that time, however, since I wrote at the beginning of my perfume existence still no Kommis! You can't imagine that, can you? I was just one who stuffed his lists, searched for new scents and only communicated with a few now and then. I think it should be 1-2 years before I become the nag of Parfumo :DD
(Don't say anything wrong!!)

Well, that's enough talking. Now, as I said, I'm coming to Do Son. A fragrance whose name comes from the coastal town of Do Son in Vietnam. Because one of the founders of Diptyque, Yves Coueslant, spent some of his summers in this city, where his father had built a small pagoda to spend some nice days there. And the scent here tries to capture the memories of that time there... which is a nice idea :)

The fragrance:
The fragrance begins with neroli or orange blossom and is a little spicy with pepper. Whereby this is not black pepper, but pink pepper. Pink pepper is not pungent or peppery-piquant anyway, but rather sweetish-fruity, after all it is also a pepper berry and does not really belong to the pepper family, but still this pepper berry has a certain and light spice.
In any case, a little bit of iris comes out afterwards, which also makes the scent softer. Iris actually makes a fragrance more powdery, but here it smells creamy, probably because of the mix of fruity notes with the iris.
The tuberose gives a beautiful, floral-sweet fragrance that begins softly and gradually becomes stronger. The spiciness of the fragrance, which was not strong anyway, decreases quickly, as the fragrance becomes noticeably softer not only through the iris, but also a little later through resinous fragrances.
Towards the end, the fragrance is generally floral and sweet, with the floral notes in the foreground. The flowery notes sometimes smell a little stuffy or dry, as one is used to from some flower scents, but this doesn't seem to bother many as much as it bothered me, ... it's just a matter of taste. In the background the fragrance is still resinous and creamy, but for these scents you have to smell the sprayed area at the end, because in the remaining scent you can almost only smell flowers. A nice fragrance that has a little bit of an 0815 effect towards the end.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is quite okay, not very strong, but also not weak, from there as said "okay" dosed. You don't have to get soo close to smell it on someone.
The shelf life is quite good, as the fragrance lasts a little longer than eight hours.

The bottle:
The bottle is roundish bloated and filled with light yellowish scented liquid. On the front side you can see a also roundish (or rectangular with strongly rounded corners) label, on which you can see a black and white drawing of a pagoda on the beach or near the coast. The lid is black, cylindrical and high. A very nice bottle that also fits well in the hand.

So, that was Do Son. Hm, to be honest, it just seemed like a new scent to me, because I didn't remember the scent at all... but that's the way it is when you tried a scent only a few years ago. Anyway, it was a good thing I tried the scent again. What do you mean? Because he's quite nice. I actually think it's pretty beautiful.

Unfortunately it is a little too flowery for me, so that I don't feel it unisex, but more feminine, but it is a nice fragrance for you ladies, where I would recommend to try it, if you like orange blossoms and tuberoses. Strictly considered (or sniffed out... :D), the fragrance is not soo special anymore, because this fragrance has often been found in other fragrances in one way or another, but it is solidly made, has no synthetics and is just beautiful, even if slightly stuffy (for me anyway)!
It fits very well into spring and summer and can be used as a light day and holiday scent.

Soo people... as I said yesterday, my comments for the next three weeks will appear tomorrow at irregular intervals because I'm flying away. It's not a holiday in itself, but more of a kind of family visit, so I'll have a lot of time for myself there and can test scents (yeah, some scent samples are already packed!), but still it won't be like that during this time that there will be something new to read from me every day. All two to three days should be in it, I think, if I have Internet :D
... so you don't have to start crying that I'm gone :D
And don't even think about saying that a little break from me would do you any good, aaargh!!! :DD

Well, see you soon. Probably very soon. I hope so D
Well then, have a nice evening :)
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Duck duck duck duck....
Do you know of the Simpsons;)

The round dance could go on for hours now.

Do Son is like me. First of all, I like him. Even if it is floral (but it should also be), man can also wear it. But it stays the same from beginning to end! I don't like sniffing out a scent run here.
That's why he can drift off into the slightly "annoying" one. Prominent here is the tuberose, followed by the orange blossom, followed by the tuberose, the orange blossom, the tuberose, the orange blossom, the T..., oh, I repeat myself;) But that's the way it is here.

Nevertheless, a successful fragrance, but somewhat flat. But for spring! Beautiful!

Tuberose-orangebloom-Tuberose-orangebloom-Tuberose-orangebloom...It stays in
7.0 8.0 9.0 9.0/10

0 Reviews
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Very helpful Review    11
Pavilion by the sea
The dear friend had sent me a luxuriant fragrance package, with which my eyes passed over.

But unfortunately this heat is no perfume weather, because at the moment even good scents can't unfold properly.

But yesterday, the husband took action and installed an air conditioning system, moaning and sweating.
Now a cool sea breeze is blowing around me, and I have already put on a jacket.
Hurray for technology.

But not only I feel more comfortable, also the scents come out of the OFF again.
I've been curious about Do Son for a long time - already because of the enchanting graphics on the cartouche.
A beautiful one rests in a garden pavilion on silk cushions, and looks at the sea.
That's how I feel.
Tuberose blows me full and mild, softly powdered by iris.
The orange leaf symbolizes the setting sun, which is still reflected golden in the sea.
The sweet pepper accentuates the romantic atmosphere between flowers and sea view.
Maybe the Holde is waiting for her lover to land with her in an elegant sailboat, and tells ?
about his travels
Anyway, Do Son has a lot to say.
He speaks of feelings, closeness and distance - and awakens emotions.

For me, a treasure chest has been washed ashore
4 Replies
7.5 7.5 7.5 7.0/10

1239 Reviews
Very helpful Review    6
White Flower Power
I was convinced that I was smelling a rich, natural jasmine in the opening of Diptyque DO SON, but jasmine is not listed among the notes. The note in question does not smell to me like orange blossom (which is listed), as it is not at all sweet.

To my nose this is a big white flower bouquet, with tuberose as only one of the participants. I definitely do not regard DO SON as a tuberose soliflore, so it doesn't make a lot of sense to compare this composition to FRACAS, CARNAL FLOWER, and BEYOND LOVE, since it's in a completely different category. Someone has compared DO SON to Estée Lauder Private Collection TUBEROSE GARDENIA, which makes much more sense to me, since that creation has at least as much gardenia as tuberose--if not more.

Needless to say, DO SON is a white-flower-lovers only perfume. Don't even think about getting near this powerhouse unless you are prepared to dive into a billowy abundance of white flowers! DO SON is like a huge feather bed built from white flower petals. They are soft and silky and slightly cool against the skin, and their scent fills the entire room. There is not a speck of dirt anywhere on this petal bed--it's as clean as can be, not at all sharp, and more fresh than creamy.


Solid perfume compact review:

Today I am testing the eau de parfum, but I own the solid perfume of DO SON, and I must say that it is a delight on all fronts. In fact, Diptyque's solid compact is probably my favorite of those of various houses which I own and have seen. (Putting Miller Harris, the worst of the worst packagers of solid perfume, to shame!) The vessel is a glossy black enamel covered metal with an engraving of the house graphic on the top which snaps onto the bottom half. The compact comes in a gray felt-like fold-over sleeve and is sold in an attractive black box. The presentation is incredibly sleek and weighty and, equally important, the texture and strength of the solid perfume are perfect. I've tried some concrets which are too hard and others which are too soft, but this one is just right. I highly recommend the solid format from this house. The black enamel-coated metal case would be worth having to look at and touch even if it had no perfume inside!
2 Replies

51 Reviews
Helpful Review    4
Diptyque described it as a "light, airy tuberose". I find that to be true. I get the whole living plant, still young. The opening suggests early morning dew on the petals and surrounding greenery, the drydown speaks more of a swealtering late afternoon when the only coolness to be found is on the river bank, where the tuberose are growing.
Absurdly pretty and evocative, I find this fragrance gorgeous and enveloping, but light, like a thin gauzy veil with remnants of white flowers on the fabric.
Good lasting power, too.
7.5 7.5 5.0/10

1165 Reviews
Helpful Review    3
Pretty yet plain
I am somewhat taken aback by how fresh and green this fragrance is. I find Do Son to be a very natural interpretation of tuberose and orange blossom, with an interesting and unique watery accord, which leans slightly towards an aquatic.

For those that like their florals fresh and clean, Do Son would make an excellent choice for Spring and Summer wear. It's very likable in the way that the composition remains straight-forward and simple. While for some its basic nature may be off-putting, I find it quite refreshing that Do Son doesn't feel the need to constantly surprise me.

While I enjoy smelling Do Son in my surroundings, it's not the kind of white floral that suits my personal tastes. Its light and crisp feel unfortunately reminds me of an air freshener. I can't seem to shake off this connection.

The drydown, while still quite watery and floral, introduces a beautiful white musk accord. This blend smells rather comforting on the skin. I am pleased to say that Do Son holds its strength from beginning to end. A true sillage Queen.

The overall feel that I get from Do Son is not unlike a Spring garden after rainfall, or an antique bathroom stocked with powder and floral soaps. It's a relatively 'pure' fragrance, hardly the suggestive type.

Do Son's longevity is superb, and while I do enjoy the house of Diptyque, I am hoping that further exploration of this brand will lead me to something that doesn't remind me of an air freshener, which is not something that I aspire to smelling like.
5.0 10.0 7.5 8.0/10

362 Reviews
Do Son
Maybe it's me or Tuberose and Gardenia
have a same distinct smell a scent that is sweet with a tangy sourness at the
very end. the other notes are hard to detect like Rose iris and Benzoin but
orange Blossom slips quietly though the
notes the finishing part is of musk
pervasive amounts of it.
it smells almost like Lavin's Rumour
with the Dominering Tuberose effect.

but it conjoures up nostalgia like a
1920's Colonial Indochina a tea party is going on while your mother is busy
conversing with old friends bored with
idile coversation gentily walks upstares
to her mothers room a vast room with black laqcard canopy bed frame with lavish white silk pillows and sheets
with an exotic oriental finished ebony
latticed windows with white diaphous curtains you smell the intoxicating
scent of gardenias blowing in the breeze and you notice an elegant jewelery box and you see pearls white beautiful pearls.

An Occidental elegance in a Oriental

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