Eau Rose (2012)Eau de Toilette

Eau Rose (Eau de Toilette) by Diptyque
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Eau Rose (Eau de Toilette) is a popular perfume by Diptyque for women and was released in 2012. The scent is floral-fresh. It is being marketed by Manzanita Capital.

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Damask rose, Rosa centifolia, Lychee, Ambroxan



7.6 (105 Ratings)


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Very helpful Review    14  
Dreamlike bicycle tour to the rose fields...
EAU ROSE is a poetic and decidedly romantic fragrance that speaks above all to the wearer and less to her environment. The perfume called 'Rose Water' is quiet, gentle, almost whispering - an extraordinary fragrance creation that touches me and inspires my imagination. This water smells of roses in a particularly natural way and this has appealed to me, has sneaked into my heart, although - or perhaps just because - it comes along on such quiet soles.

For me EAU ROSE is a fragrance you can let yourself fall into - like in tuffy cushions made of finely woven silk. And while I make myself comfortable in these cushions, I start to dream.... Pictures rise before my inner eye, which merge into a little story, which I would like to reproduce here in short verses, in order to trace the course of the fragrance symbolically. Early in the morning I leave the house, get on my bike and cycle off, without a plan and a fixed destination, let myself be guided by my feelings alone. Just in the morning the smell of the earth, flowers and grasses is most intense, the dew still deliciously fresh. I'll take the trip alone. Only in this way can I drop myself, leave myself unhindered to everything that happens to me. EAU ROSE is also a perfume for me all alone. It only tells me - my skin, my nose, my heart...

It lures me out of the house
I'll put my jacket on
Swing me on the bike
Make me on my way

Where are you going? I don't know
Without a plan I'll ride on it
Rely on my feeling
Today I let myself drift < br />
A thunderstorm is announced
It doesn't scare me < br /> On the contrary, I'll enjoy it
Everything smells all the more intense

The day is still overslept
The world is amazingly quiet
Only the birds make noise
Singing accompanies my way

You pass the rose fields
A sea of flowers as far as the eye can see
Yellow-white-pink and also apricot
How beautiful the earth is

Refreshingly slightly blown air
I'm thinking Lombardy < br /> The bergamot, it comes from there
How I look forward to my tea

Grass smell rises into my nose
As if the dunes were coming soon
Cycling through sand is not easy
But I'm looking forward to the sea

And speed it up a lot
Bushes of berries, black and red
Flying like the wind past me
I love the sea, that drives me

I am surprised a new fragrance
My way takes a turn < br /> Flowers of geraniums and jasmine
Bewitch all my senses

Meanwhile the rumbling starts
The sky is dark, cloudy
So I drive the way back
The path I took before

There are again the rose fields
open the flowers are wide and beautiful
They make me all drunk < br /> Here I stay now

Nothing could be nicer
When these roses, pure roses
Mild sweet astringency, clear and deep
I'm sunken, like to roar < br />
Rose, pure true Rose
Strokes me over my skin
Pulls into my nose
Touch my heart meekly

I don't know you like that
You most beautiful of all beautiful
Like honey, golden is your light
You probably want to spoil me

Many a fragrant rose stands in its garden unnoticed, and only those who take the trouble to bend down to smell it have a part in its inner beauty. EAU ROSE, because of its introverted nature, may also be something to pass by lightly. But it is an exceptionally beautiful fragrance, in which the rose blossoms to perfect beauty and stands absolutely in the middle. A work of art that only emits delicate tones and remains discreet, soft and mild at all times. Such a pure, natural-looking rose in a bottle is something special. After spraying on, it seemed to me for a moment that the entire fragrance composition was completely present, musically expressed as a 'tutti' use. But soon my feelings changed and the various ingredients (bergamot, blackcurrant, rose geranium, jasmine, honey, musk and cedar wood) entered the stage one by one like soloists; one by one they gave their best and left again - with one aim: to put the main actress, Prima Donna, the ROSE, in the right light. The perfume thus takes a surprising turn again and again, providing variety and liveliness throughout the entire process.

Also today I would like to say 'thank you' from the bottom of my heart for the precious gift of this scent sample, which has given me, besides two other rose scent fillings from the same dear scent friend, a lot of joy.

PS. Two more clues: If you don't have access to my ...hmmm... rather poetic kind of this comment, I recommend the very readable description of my predecessor named 'Beatephmc'. As perfect as she is, I would not have been able to express what characterizes this fragrance anyway.
And those who are curious about the "Eau-Rose" should test it extensively. At "For the love of fragrance" you can get inexpensive trial fillings.
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Helpful Review    5  
Rose Sublime
EAU ROSE by Diptyque

Breathtakingly beautiful Rose. Opens with a rush of bittersweet bergamot and juicy tart vine-ripe black currants followed immediately with a saturating flood of soft, tropical, delicately sweet litchi fruit. A pristinely fresh and glorious rose makes her entrance among the sparkling lemony threads of dewy-green geranium, which provides a zesty citric strength and additional support to the principal rose scent itself.

A subdued non-indolic jasmine woven throughout provides an extra touch of sweetly refined floral complexity without intruding on the precedence of the roses. A warm, clean cedar houses the entire creation beautifully, while a cozy white musk adds a delicate hint of tender sensuality. A fascinatingly delectable drop of honey infuses just a trace of voluptuously natural silken sweetness with complexity and depth.

The Rose here is poised gracefully between the refreshing cool vivid clarity of the Black Currant/Geranium, and the sumptuously smooth warm sweetness of the Litchi/Jasmine. The perfect balance achieved here between the pull of these four exceptionally contrasting elements, both of which are supportive of the Rose, yet diametrically opposed to each other, is what makes this composition a unique masterpiece. It is both simple and extremely refined. The myriad of subtle, elegant nuances woven within and throughout the strands of this scent tapestry succeed brilliantly.

This is exquisitely beautiful. Perhaps the most beautiful rose I have ever smelled on my skin. Sublime beauty personified in scent. I love this one completely and utterly.
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Probieren geht über Studieren • Das Foto ist mein herzlicher Dank an soooo viele nette Menschen hier, durch deren Großzügigkeit ich Hunderte von Düften probieren konnte ♡ Gewidmet ist es AVENTURIN, durch die ich das schöne EAU ROSE kennenlernen durfte.
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