Philosykos (Eau de Toilette) by Diptyque

Philosykos 1996 Eau de Toilette

14.09.2020 - 05:49 PM
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The Rite of Spring

There is a fig tree in my back garden that keeps me busy all year round. Branches grow and extend all over the place and regardless of how many I manage to chop one year twice as many will take their place the following season.

During spring the garden is taken over by bees and bugs and in late summer, once the figs start dropping from the branches like hand grenades the insects multiply. Any attempt at gardening will leave me bitten, stung and with plenty of decomposing fig pulp stuck to my soles.

In autumn the massive fig leaves have turned brown and started to fall, waiting for the rain that will turn them into a wet and musty blanket all over the floor. Before winter arrives the last gardening tasks of the year are completed in preparation for the cycle to start again only a few months later.

Philosykos brings me back to this garden every time I spray it: I can smell the wet leaves, the wood and branches as they go through the seasons: very green and fresh during the spring-like opening, more woody as the scent evaporates with the summer heat and almost earthy during the autumn-like drydown. It smells clean, transparent and natural but also at times milky with an almost rubbery feeling, bringing to mind sticky sap. Since the fragrance recreates the entire tree and not just the fruit it remains a perfectly unisex fragrance throughout, light and easy to wear by anyone almost all year round.

One day I wlil move to another place and no longer have a fig tree to keep me busy throughout the year but I will always keep a decant or two of Philosykos to bring those memories back.
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