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Divine is a popular perfume by Divine for women and was released in 1986. The scent is floral-powdery. It is still in production.

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Richard Ibanez

Fragrance Notes

Peach, Coriander, Indian tuberose, Orange blossom, May rose, Musk, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Cistus



7.7 (114 Ratings)


8.0 (77 Ratings)


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7.7 (68 Ratings)
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80 Reviews
Do not rush to conclusions
Divine is a misleading scent in the opening.
My first impression was that I was wearing Jill Sander No 4 or First by Van Cleef and Arpels . Not something I was expecting. Peach was never a favorite ingredient for me but luckily the first impression vanished fast and I started feeling the tuberose in its full splendor. No orange blossom and jasmine. I could not perceive them at all because the oak moss and the tuberose were having a party. It softened in time and was a pleasure to wear it.
It was like a story of an old overcoat, worn out and odd looking. An overcoat that once taken off showed underneath a beautiful tailored dress. Just like that.
Divine has the richness of old times and places. It is suited for galas and dress up ceremonies . It is like an eye-catching piece of jewelry .
The longevity is very good, of about 8 hrs and the sillage is not a shy one.
The bottle will hold for years, maybe, since such a scent need special moments and state of mind. I will start to wear it a little, every day so that to discover its switches and turns and see where it leads.

88 Reviews
Very helpful Review    5
Dipping a toe in L'eau...
Aside from wearing and reviewing feminine perfumes traditionally worn by men -Cuir de Russie, Sycomore, Jicky, Bandit- this is my first review of a feminine fragrance that was an unknown quantity beforehand. My main motivation is the desire to expand my palette of fragrance experiences. I was also interested to see how my personal gender biases might play into my perceptions of a feminine fragrance, so I asked my wife to wear Divine along with me. When it comes to perfume, she’s not only a fellow addict but an enabler as well. Bear in mind, however, all opinions are my own.

On my own skin Divine opens with sweet, bright, yet mid-pitched, floral and fruit top notes. As it dries down tuberose, orange blossom and sandalwood are the dominant notes unified with a touch of vanilla. Shades of coriander occasionally show up taking the role of a green/spicy note. It stays with this combination for hours. I love orange blossom so I enjoyed wearing Divine around the house this morning. Would I wear it in public? Hmm, I’m not sure. Maybe a couple hours in when the sandalwood is stronger and equal to the tuberose/orange blossom. Maybe. I can hear Coutureguru admonishing me from across the Atlantic, “If you like it, then just wear it! What’s stopping you?”

It was no surprise that Divine opened on my wife just as it did on my skin. What surprised me, however, was that on my skin Divine retained a brighter, more linear tonality, whereas on my wife’s skin it developed a slightly darker and more subtle character. Overall it was a more blended floral combination of tuberose, orange blossom and jasmine (maybe some rose?) with the vanilla being richer and blending in with the jasmine. The sandalwood seemed more prominent, yet independent of the florals.

The reason I find the result surprising has nothing to do with with gender. It has to do with the typical scenario that my skin tends project fragrance discretely, while my wife’s skin tends to radiate it. She can put on 2-3 spritzes of a perfume and florals blossom in all their glory for hours.

Divine held up very well on both of us and is a lovely fragrance. Now, to the question of my biases: As I have found in the past I prefer orange blossom/neroli as a male floral scent. Divine smelled great on my wife but my nose gravitated to and wanted to smell more jasmine and vanilla. Is that why those notes seemed more prominent on my wife? Hmm...

N.B. After all the time Divine has been on Parfumo without a review it's interesting that two reviews were posted within hours of each other. Synchronicity? Anyway, Dalmajen's excellent review sent me back for another wearing of Divine and ultimately to edit my review to acknowledge the prominence of tuberose. Although on my skin I smell the orange blossom blending so prominently that, given my preference for that essence, I think orange blossom is where my nose focuses. Many thanks, Dalmajen!
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7.5 5.0 7.5 6.0/10

45 Reviews
Helpful Review    5
Let's Play Ladies!
Time to get out the hats and gloves! Make-up carefully applied, with some fancy jewellery. Divine comes across as a real Ladies fragrance. I imagine this been worn in the 40's and 50's, as it has a real old fashioned floral vibe. The opening doesn't last very long...as the peach and coriander seem to run straight into the flowers. And this is a large bouquet of flowers! Tuberose being in the opening, seems to be the leader all throughout this fragrance. It remains strong, and somewhat independent. Almost like it doesn't like sharing the stage with the Jasmine and rose. Which, both are very faint. Patchouli is listed, but I really can't detect it. The dry down is nice, but still old fashioned. It has quite good longevity, and sillage is average. Tuberose lovers will enjoy this fragrance, and vintage lovers certainly need to try this. I won't be purchasing this one, as so far I have only fallen for one of my six samples. But if you are looking for a nice dress up, and ladylike fragrance...this may be the one for you!
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