Divine (Eau de Parfum) by Divine

Divine 1986 Eau de Parfum

19.02.2018 - 01:23 AM

Do not rush to conclusions

Divine is a misleading scent in the opening.
My first impression was that I was wearing Jill Sander No 4 or First by Van Cleef and Arpels . Not something I was expecting. Peach was never a favorite ingredient for me but luckily the first impression vanished fast and I started feeling the tuberose in its full splendor. No orange blossom and jasmine. I could not perceive them at all because the oak moss and the tuberose were having a party. It softened in time and was a pleasure to wear it.
It was like a story of an old overcoat, worn out and odd looking. An overcoat that once taken off showed underneath a beautiful tailored dress. Just like that.
Divine has the richness of old times and places. It is suited for galas and dress up ceremonies . It is like an eye-catching piece of jewelry .
The longevity is very good, of about 8 hrs and the sillage is not a shy one.
The bottle will hold for years, maybe, since such a scent need special moments and state of mind. I will start to wear it a little, every day so that to discover its switches and turns and see where it leads.
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