Stonecircle by Druidenmarkt
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Stonecircle is a perfume by Druidenmarkt for men. The release year is unknown. The scent is fruity. Projection and longevity are above-average. It is still in production.
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Blackcurrant, Pepper, Vanilla, Ginger
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Submitted by Einfachich, last update on 19.06.2019.
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A good fragrance is not witchcraft - is it?
On the search and/or the hunt for the smells of this world it is worthwhile itself also times off the "normal" way to search. A good source are often medieval markets and festivals or the druid and witch markets. Some of the most beautiful scents I was allowed to test in the "witch area" - unfortunately these are mostly not for sale, because they were made by the individual persons from beginning to end in manual labor. (from the collection of the raw materials to the final mixing) Since the effort for this is not exactly low, it is usually sufficient just for the egg requirement. Every now and then you can find real pearls in the different shops.
Before I come to the actual fragrance, I would like to briefly touch on the topic of witches and druids. (Really only for a short time, otherwise it would go beyond the scope)
Wicca is an ancient "cult". The "cc" speaks like tch and probably the english word for witch "Witch" was born out of it. A witch, by the way, is not evil but in its origin a healer or knowledgeable person. Smells play an important role in various rituals (incense e.g. for the 12 raun nights)
Also stone circles play a (big) role, more about that later. Who would like to know more: There is a lot of literature on the topic and is very exciting.
Now for the fragrance:
The name is chosen here absolutely suitably. A stone circle is a place of power. So a place where (high or special) energies flow and where people can calm down and recharge their batteries.
Immediately after spraying there is an energy and freshness kick through a tidy dose of pepper accompanied by ginger.
However, a very natural black currant comes through directly, which has a very calming and relaxing effect on the whole earth. The berry smells very fruity and spicy, but also slightly woody, slightly sweet-herbal. All in all simply very tasty and pleasant. I feel like I'm sitting right in my garden when I'm sitting next to a bush with black currants in summer. I am then calm and relaxed and enjoy the inner peace which then comes about.
A hint of vanilla is added later. Not too much, not too little-precise in the right dosage to make the fragrance even warmer and more sensual without becoming too sweet.
A highly complex fragrance is not to be expected here. But the few components are so perfectly matched that more would be disturbing.
The durability is extremely good. Applied in the morning three splashes the fragrance is still well perceptible in the evening and even the next morning still easily available.
The Sillage is absolutely sufficient. Not too strong and room-filling, but nevertheless well perceptible without annoying. After 6 - 8 hours it becomes skin closer.
The bottle is nothing special but that's not disturbing here.
The price is ridiculously low with under 30 Euros for 30ml.
Stonecircle is rather a "mono fragrance" and not highly complex, but perfectly balanced with an unbeatable price-performance ratio and an incredible durability. The name is perfect for this.
Who likes black currants will love this fragrance. Absolute test recommendation.
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