Wood for Him by Dsquared²

Wood for Him 2018

27.12.2019 - 11:26 AM

The scent of disappointment

To discontinue the entire line of He Wood and such masterpieces as Rocky Mountain and Potion for the sake of this misunderstanding is simply a crime against humanity! And as a fanboy of the brand with 12 years of experience - this is a complete disappointment! Absolutely nothing outstanding! This is simple, boring, spineless, frivolous and feminine, sorry, unisex compote for teenagers, as well as everything that the brothers are doing now.
The fragrance is very fresh and light, and it is not masculine at all (It does not have that masculinity, strength, drive and energy. The fragrance, frankly, is feminine in nature, it is not even unisex! It is youthful, light and carefree, and very simple. No it has complex overflows and interesting nuances.
Closer to the base, it becomes very similar to the female DSQUARED2 Wood, well, just a copy! Even cardamom does not save! Yes, the aroma is quieter and looser, and slightly ginger, as if with an aquatic note (or is it the intrigues of ozone).
The aroma becomes quiet and grassy, ​​the cardamom starts to solo so that it prevents the other components from opening up, it suppresses everything and as a result we get closer to the mono base the aroma of cardamom with sea water. I don’t know where the water is still here ... there is a lot of it, it is salty and fresh.
In the database, he became very soapy and completely tasteless. It sounds on the skin, it is very simple and very cheap. Unfortunately, this was not what I expected ... not at all. Resistance is even less than that of his pair, only 1-2 hours. There is a train, but very weak. Neither ambroxan nor vetiver here at all, no ... I'm sad.
This novelty in the base resembles the perfume of men's shower gels and shaving foam, so there is nothing special and interesting in it in my opinion. And so it all started well ... Alas, I can’t advise you this fragrance, well, absolutely.
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