Acqua Del Mundo (2017)

Acqua Del Mundo by Dua Fragrances
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Acqua Del Mundo is a perfume by Dua Fragrances for women and men and was released in 2017. The scent is fresh-floral. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesSicilian mandarin, Calabrian bergamot, Amalfi lemon, Ceylon cinnamon, Guatemala cardamom, Pink pepper
Heart Notes Heart NotesTunisian orange blossom, Madagascar ylang-ylang
Base Notes Base NotesMysore sandalwood, Haitian vetiver



6.9 (4 Ratings)


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6.3 (7 Ratings)
Submitted by Phantomvamp, last update on 22.07.2018.
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Very helpful Review    6
Who threw the lemons and mandarins in the lake?
Today comes another Dua Fragrance fragrance. And no, I won't talk about cats today, that will come again in the next days :D

No, we finally have summer, even if it still rains now and then and even thunderstorms should, whereby my cat (the little breecheshit) crawls immediately under my bed and the next three to four hours no longer comes out, unless someone rustles with the cat snack bag...

... oh... well, then I once (kuuurz) mentioned the hangover,... but at least I tried not to mention him here :D
Anyway, as I said, we have summer, and a fragrance that translates to "water of the world" or something like that (of course, if I didn't build a giant mess while translating...) can fit really well into this time of year, because it gives hope for an aquatic fresh fragrance. Especially if you like citric scents, because I see that there are some citrus fruits in here, which I like very much, because I like citric scents in summer... even if my hangover should hate me for it :D

The fragrance:
The fragrance starts, as expected, aquatic with great citric notes. From these you can smell lemons and above all great, slightly sweetish mandarins (so you can smell the juicy-sweet pulp instead of the tangy-bitter skin).
A little later you can also perceive the pink pepper and its spicy sweetness. In addition, there is now some neroli, which makes the citric notes more long-lasting. In the background there is a somewhat heavy, flowery note, which also smells slightly stuffy. However, it is still weak and I hope it will stay that way, as the scent smells very good otherwise.
Also in the base the scent is still citric fresh, and there are light, woody notes, which in my opinion go very well with the citric, especially the orange/neroli notes.
Unfortunately, the later base becomes a bit unattractive for me... because then you really smell the ylang-ylang, which means the scent gets a bit heavier and above all sultry. This flowery note is absolutely nothing for me and to be honest, he even spoils my beautiful fragrance, because without this flowery note the fragrance might even be on my wish list... pity...

The Sillage and the shelf life:
Like most summer fragrances, the Sillage is not too strong, but still stronger than most fragrances. In general, most Dua fragrances seem to have a good to very good sillage, so that this fragrance is not only smellable at close range.
The shelf life is quite good, the fragrance lasts easily eight hours, but after half of this time the fresh and citric notes go away, so that the rest is only floral-sweet.

The bottle:
The bottle is rectangular and thus actually quite simple. The front, however, is completely covered by a label (which is also continued at the sides), on which you can see a beach with breaking waves under a blue sky, which radiates a nice holiday atmosphere. It's nice.

Hmm... to return to my title, yes, the scent is aquatic and you smell many citric notes at the beginning. Almost as if someone had put many many citric fruits into the water, apparently to get rid of them. This little culprit could well be my cat, who doesn't like citrus fruits at all and has been trying for years to fish these mostly round fruits out of the fruit bowl and roll them into the remotest corners of the apartment to get rid of them. And in time he has even learned not to attack these fruits with his claw since he noticed that when the skin of such a fruit is damaged, a terrible, citric scent emerges, which has often made him choke :D

But back to the fragrance: As already mentioned, Acqua Del Mundo is an initially beautiful, fresh and above all citric fragrance, which fits perfectly into the summer, because it comes across very fresh and smells good of course. The fact that it has a good sillage for a summer scent, the scents smell very natural and the scent generally radiates a holiday atmosphere makes it a perfect choice for this warm season as well as for holidays and is therefore worth a look if you like citric perfumes. But:
But you also have to like flowery, sultry scents, because the base is completely different. I feel rather overwhelmed by the slightly obtrusive ylang-ylang, so that the fragrance is absolutely not for me in spite of very beautiful beginnings.

You might think that the fragrance is more of a day fragrance, but the base also makes it an evening companion, although I still think that the flowery base makes the fragrance more of a women's fragrance instead of remaining unisex.

Too bad... I was disappointed in the end, but if you like citric scents AND scents like Ylang-Ylang, you should definitely have a look at this scent.
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