Invasion of the Barbers (2018)

Invasion of the Barbers by Dua Fragrances
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Invasion of the Barbers is a popular perfume by Dua Fragrances for men and was released in 2018. The scent is spicy-woody. Projection and longevity are above-average. It is still in production.

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Grapefruit, Bergamot, Violet leaf, Thyme, Cardamom, Grasse lavender, Ginger, Patchouli, Vanilla, Musk



8.0 (35 Ratings)


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Submitted by EvilCat, last update on 06.12.2019.
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Barbershop scent? A big no
To me, this is not a good fragrance rather immature. Didn't test MDCI. But if I judge Dua invasion, this can't be treated as a barbershop fragrance. I feel the whole composition gone in the wrong direction. After spray, you will get a harsh spicy punch. But if you look for the beauty of grapefruit, cardamom, lavender, bergamot etc you might be fooled. All you can get a spicy mess. Then it is all about the smell of cheap raw musk. Musk has a twist in nature. Initially, it smells odd, but by the progress in time, it turns into a beautiful smell. The quality of musk determines the time needed for such transformation and the beauty of the smell. Here the musk can't shine. Overall, this is a waste of money. Never blind buy it after following the reviews.
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Men Olymp
First of all I would like to thank the few people who have dealt with the fragrance so far and have written down their impressions here. The in the number sparse opinions to this have been enough for me to order this scent blindly over the big pond.
To take it in front, I know the MDCI, at which this Dua does not orientate itself and will also further no reference to it be able to take.

Converted scarcely 65€ (incl. dispatch) become due for 30ml. If you take out the calculator now, you are not so much cheaper compared to the original. Decisive for me was the great curiosity about this fragrance anyway and above all the few opinions which attested the Dua decisive advantages over the MDCI. Admittedly, the risk seemed quite manageable to me, as I was convinced that if I didn't like this cute little overseas dwarf I would quickly get it back to my wife or husband via the souk.

What was I excited about when I freed the solidly wrapped fragrance from cardboard and bubble wrap? Then it's in your hand, the little bottle. Minimalistic, timeless and practice-oriented standard, I would say, glued to the front with an appealing label print and pulled over the edge on the left side. Some would call it cheap. I don't make a big deal out of flacons. I like it very much because of its minimalism, especially since the space in my fragrance cabinet takes on similarly limited forms, such as living space in my hometown Freiburg.

The fragrance itself offers a development that triggers true enthusiasm in me. I had already promised myself a lot, but I was also prepared to have to deal with processes of disillusionment due to my expectations. Far from it ... finally high expectations were exceeded by far again!
The direct prelude has made me a little insecure. Grapefruit and bergamot in the first seconds, still rather pointing to solid home-style cuisine, start a start that does not necessarily promise this dinner, which ended. Little by little the further notes of this work of art complement each other and the melange of all this sends me on a journey of at least 12 hours, which is peppered with moments of total well-being under pure ecstasy.

This perfume is extremely concentrated. The spray head is designed in such a way that only small quantities of this precious liquid are atomized per stroke. That is also of crucial importance! Assuming one of you gets this scent one day through a sharing and preferably through one of these 10ml standard nebulizers, be very careful! A single spray blow from these would be guaranteed already overdosed. The sophisticated atomizer of the original flacon allows a very target-oriented dosage. Fired three times with this, one is felt to be about half of what the above-mentioned travel atomizers shoot out. Despite his enormous concentration Invasion of the Barbers doesn't manage to hang in his nose and never gives the impression of being "perfumed". He never gets too much and yet is always present. Since I've owned it, I've worn it to work every day so far. What underpins my personal enthusiasm is the fact that I almost want to avoid the evening shower. She was delayed to the last. Today I will also use it in minimally higher doses. What am I looking forward to! When writing these lines I always try the spray head.

This perfume never seems to have fallen out of time. However, I also feel this from my subjective point of view as a child of the early 80s. Probably one should move around the 30th year of life (or older), in order to leave in the sum also a coherent impression with outsiders.

I love that scent! The uncompromisingly masculine beginning announces an experienced man who, with advanced duration, reveals more and more of his charming human being. Like when you get to know somebody and only carefully reveal your soft, vulnerable nature over time, this fragrance manages to build up more trust hour after hour, becomes softer and more open, shows more and more traits around traits you can fall in love with, or maybe even have to fall in love with. Arrived in the world-class base, which after an eternity at the end of the day, or a night only slowly calms down, he is the perfect partner, which you believe you want to keep with you until the end of the days.

Even if Invasion of the Barbers proves to be very productive and will last me 30ml, every perfuma and every perfumo is welcome to inform me before a collective order at Dua. Because one thing seems to be certain, a bunker bottle must be in stock. I'm too scared at the moment, it could be adjusted at some point.

100%, no less!
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