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Popped Cherry by Dua Fragrances
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Popped Cherry is a popular perfume by Dua Fragrances for women and men and was released in 2018. The scent is sweet-gourmand. Projection and longevity are above-average. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Black cherry, Bitter almond, Cherry liqueur, Griotte syrup, Jasmine sambac, Turkish rose, Peru balsam, Haitian vetiver, Cedarwood, Roasted tonka bean, Sandalwood



8.8 (37 Ratings)


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6.8 (32 Ratings)
Submitted by EvilCat, last update on 16.01.2020.
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Less helpful Review    4
"Eat good cherries"....‼️‼️
Is called an old saying, when the mood of someone
Suuper good ist‼️
I have to think of my attending, the intensive care!
He liked to drive for his life missions with the emergency doctor
At this time was just the Randevou principle
It was like the ambulance with paramedics
Always come from the closest control center that is free!
In the Ruhr area a buzz !
The emergency but with a paramedic
From the hospital on duty !
So it was given that very fast help was on site !
My named Mr. Senior Physician
Had a passion,grade for Schalke‼️

"Schalker Stadium, then Arena!"
S04 the pot club his favorite!

From there emergency calls often came, because of suspicion of heart attack!
After each use, with good output
Was our boss in a really good mood... Human life gerettet‼️
There was ordered food, the bill took over
Our boss!

It was at the time, really good to eat cherries with

Well, he could also drive differently, cholerisch from the skin..., if the smallest bit, with the expiration of certain Reanimations measures, did not agree!
♥️ Thinking of a very, very good doctor who also put his life into the service of his patients !
Cordial, but also edgy!♥️

But now to the cherries...
An insane scent explosion, after Grandma Irmgards
Beloved superimposed, from our plunging
Donisens cherries!
A fragrance that is sweet and fruity, radiantly plump, captures the user. Irmgard's secret spices were always added to the cherries, some of them were written down in writing There was, among other things, grated tonka bean... Ui not too much, toxic, in larger quantities..
Vanilla must not be missing, therefore the warm and sweet Smell!
Bitter almonds give the pronounced kick...
Can also be found in marzipan!
But also only one trace...
Don't forget the rose,
maybe the beautiful Gloria Dei... uncanny beautiful scent of an old variety!
I still remember very well...sniffing all this in my fragrance cocktail!
But it does not only remain with this ingredient
Here was very finely underpainted with finest woods
The intensity strengthened, long-lasting and lasting
with vetiver, a sweetgrass with great
Med. Soothing effect, solving...against depessions.... Autumn depression:-))
But also regenerating and anabolic!
If you're nervous, ground the scent!
Thesmell always recognizable ... I like him ... but for some he does not go at all ...
Also the, would help with an emergency doctor employment, helping by itself spreading classification.
But we can also use them all :-))
My perfumes all have
A medical Nutzen‼️
They'll be there for sel.. Concerns again and again
Though I don't buy them specifically
after that,but I'll find out very quickly!
I'm also a herb mouse :-)...

Thanks again to a lovely perfume
Which made me addicted to this ELEXIER by your commi ,....♥️
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8.0 10.0 10.0 9.5/10

0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    20
If he's too cute, you're too weak!
So my dear friends,

I've already smelled almost everything that you can smell about designers+mainstream, what's so reasonably in the public eye! Of course this also includes the entire Tom Ford Privat Line. Which, by the way, is definitely worth a sniff, in the truest sense of the word! Kurz und Knapp Lost Cherry is awesome, I smelled in London Heathrow the first time and I found absolutely great! Then I looked at the price and thought to myself "maybe it doesn't have to be then". Now, after careful consideration (at least 15 hours), I have come to the conclusion that it must be! But not for 4€/ml! But there was something else, there is also Dua... To be honest, I can't do anything with cloning, at least until this day! With Alexandria I could not start anything at all and all the Aventus clones hang out my neck! But to get back to the aforementioned scent, at some point I thought to myself, dare you, and I ordered this and another scent, which, by the way, also picked me up completely, but when else more! Well, after 2 weeks of waiting, the bottle finally reached me and I tested it! The results of this test can now be read in the following section!

Tom Ford- Lost Cherry, starts with.... Um, wait a minute, I mean dua- popped cherry, of course. no, let's face it, everybody who had the Lost Cherry under his nose, you don't have to read any more, you know how it smells!
For everyone else; Starts with freshly heated cherry liqueur, then turns into wonderful wooden tones, whereby the theme of the cherry can be smelled throughout! The fragrance is not very multi-faceted, but it does not have to be! Anyone who knows the name will know what to expect! And that's what's offered him. Maybe I stand alone with it, but do you know these Nimm-2 sweet stuff parts, maybe I confuse the name... But this rubber sweet tooth, where one bit into it, it made a small bang, and from the rubber came out such a small texture, in different flavors, including cherry,?! Popped Cherry smells like what it tastes like. Whereby the name is chosen really clever ;)
In the drydown, the whole thing becomes more and more woody and dark chocolatier (yes, this name exists and it is a difference to "chocolatier", at least in my imagination).

So I don't have to say much to Joa there, reminds me to screw up shelves with my dad and how he always used to say so beautifully in the end... "dat hält, dat Ding"... greetings from Northern Germany! So nobody has to complain about too little stamina here, where we would be at Popped Cherry again, if you know what I mean.... the people at Dua obviously have a penchant for word games. I recommend here depending upon Event, surrounding field, 3- maximally 5 sprayers, since it despite mad performance and Sillage, actually, despite substantial sweetness, does not annoy!

Portability: Him, you, it, no matter! Total unisex, I would find super at my girlfriend, I find super at me, I would also find super at my cat... (that is of course only so said! By the way, take care, at this point, I feel forced to mention that you should not spray near your pet, it is not very healthy for the animal. I'll be damned! Educational mission and so on!)

Flacon and packaging: the price is completely ok! Is nothing earth-shattering, but actually quite stylish! The bottle actually looks pretty nice, I think!

Price performance: So you compare it with the original, absolutely super! Smells the same, has felt the double performance and smells of quality, even if it is of course relatively synthetic, which should be self-evident when it comes to the fragrance...
With a ml price of good 1,6€ with a corresponding voucher and 3 sprayers enough to smell great all day long, absolutely great!
Do you like the scent of cherry/gourmand and do you want something that accompanies you the whole day?
Don't you want to spend too much money on that?
Are you into carnivals and don't have a problem smelling like that?

Then you should order Popped Cherry from Dua very fast! Now Now! Thank me later!

If the CEO of Dua reads along, greetings go out, the participation of 20% per Popped Cherry ordered you can gladly transfer to my account in the Maldives! See you then at a beautiful cherry liqueur in the Caribbean!

Thank you for reading and for co-financing my next summer vacation!

Your Dave :)
5 Replies
10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0/10

0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    12
I was trying to talk him out of it.
yeah, that didn't work out.

When I sniffed this great cherry scent, the first time, I was totally excited and yet I wanted to tell myself that I do not need,
Why? Because I have too many great fragrances
But it doesn't work at all, because the sweet, delicious, fruity, juicy, dark red, thick cherry, which you can only buy for a short time in summer, but which doesn't smell so great, the real cherry, you just can't get out of your head.
I can't. No, no, no.

There is the Lost Cherry from Tom Ford, so lost cherry and this is said to be very similar to this fragrance.
But since I don't know how this cherry from Tom Ford smells, I can't compare the two either. But I don't want to test it at all, from Mr. Ford, because I like this cherry much too much and I can't find a single point of criticism.

So this cherry scent starts from the beginning, very nice sweet and juicy, there is already the desire for real cherries. ( Pawlow effect )
To put this delicious fruit in your mouth and enjoy the juice and the delicious flesh.

Exactly this wish is fulfilled by this cherry scent, which remains linear, so it doesn't change greatly, which I think is wonderful.
It is and remains a fruit scent, sweet and as an extra it lasts for hours and even the next day, I can still perceive it very well.
Fortunately he is not driven into the dark by oud or amber, but remains bright and clear. The bitter almond and the roasted tonka bean give the fragrance a certain depth and resistance.
The Peru balsam also makes him soft and gentle. I can't smell jasmine and vetiver like that and they may be responsible for durability.

So I must warn urgently, who likes sweet and tasty smells, it emerges immediately, which ,,, wants to have,,, reflex.

The fragrances of Dua Fragrances come from America and are available in only 30 ml bottles. Which I personally think is a pity, because I could use a 100 ml bottle.
They also have to go through customs and the fees are added.
Nevertheless you get here a super price/performance ratio, since all Dua fragrances are extraits, as far as I know.

This fragrance I have from this little manufacturer can be worn in summer and winter, all year round. Apply a little less in summer, otherwise you will be followed by all sorts of insects. That's not so funny then.
Also it can happen, that not all fragrances from Dua are available, because they are small productions.
More I cannot say, only that I am totally inspired again once again.
Testing is worthwhile, from me a smooth grade 1 in all points.
7 Replies

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