Poseidon's Invasion (2019)

Poseidon's Invasion by Dua Fragrances
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Poseidon's Invasion is a new perfume by Dua Fragrances for women and men and was released in 2019. It is still in production.

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Apple, Pineapple, Bergamot, Lavender, Violet, Birch, Blackcurrant, Rose, Cardamom, Vanilla, Thyme, Musk, Patchouli, Cedar, Oakmoss, Ambergris



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Submitted by Einfachich, last update on 15.01.2020.
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Ex or no more...?!
Dua Fragrances. A company that specializes mainly in copying sometimes extremely high-priced fragrances and then selling them (now only high-priced). Some time ago I read here at Parfumo that this company started to produce "fragrance combinations" of successful fragrances. Bullshit! What's the point? This isn't gonna work! Or do you?!! Br />
On Black Friday, Dua Fragrances had an offer in which the discount often granted was increased once again. I was leafing through it when I came across "Poseidon's Invasion". Supposedly a mixture of "Aventus (Eau de Parfum)" and "Invasion Barbarians". Both scents I associate with something...

I was a very big Aventus fan for a long time. I sold a bottle with a gigantic batch, got annoyed about it a few months later, bought a bigger bottling which I exchanged because it was too fruity for me and now I have a bigger bottling with a (for me) beautiful batch again. I rarely use it. Too often I have smelled this scent, felt 1000 copies and found it not quite as good as the original. Had dozens of different batches under your nose. "that just smells like a lame batch to me...
At some point, I realized: Aventus and I are done. Two lovers who can see each other from time to time, still get along well, but for whom it is no longer enough to have a relationship. The relationship has been too intense... Still, every now and then you feel a longing for each other.

I liked "Invasion of the Barbarians" the first time. Not more, less. The sample of it emptied itself however nevertheless gradually, because with the time I preferred to win it. Not the perfumed initial part, but the well-balanced, well-groomed freshness that develops after 1-2 hours. I can't wear it all the time, but this feeling of being simply well-groomed and fragrant is always nice :-)

So now a combination of the two? I couldn't imagine. However, there are some perfumes here where I have meanwhile noticed that we have very similar fragrance interests. One of them praised the scent. Couldn't help but take the Black Friday offer...

The delivery is carried out as with my first order reliably after approx. 1.5 weeks. There were no more extra customs costs.
The box is plain black with some characters and looks pretty cheap to me. But I don't care. I'm not the type to leave my bottles in boxes anyway The bottle is standardized by Dua Fragrances, only the labels of the fragrances differ. This is also quite bumbl to me, what counts is the "Juice" ;-)
And what can I expect there?
Directly after spraying the full disillusionment. Smells to me like an unsmoky Aventus batch, which is strongly influenced by pineapple and vanilla. Neat... A big bust. Where the hell's the barbarian?! Within the first two hours the Aventus vibe is turned down a little and a cleanly dressed barbarian comes forward in triple steps very slowly. When it's there, the mMn most beautiful part of the fragrance comes: a subtle invasion Barbaric, cultivated freshness slightly underscored by the vanilla Aventus pineapple. Great, but not a failure!
And with that we unfortunately come to (m)one problem: In order to get this point clearly smelling, you have to apply some sprayers at the beginning. But then you have a very present Aventus and I personally feel uncomfortable with that. Another problem for me: To reach this stage, I have to deal with my "ex" Aventus for quite a long time. However, since I don't want to damage our relationship permanently (because we get along too well for that), "Poseidon's Invasion" probably won't become my new flame. It's a shame, but it's true.
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Greatly helpful Review    17
The decline of an industry?
If one is concerned with fragrances, especially those that want to be classified as niche (or niche?), the general tenor likes to put it in the notch of exquisite ingredients, often of natural origin and of course rarely or costly to find or even extract. The appropriate self-portrayal and positioning of the respective house does the rest and the inclined buyer has almost logically the conviction to do it with something very special. Now the omnipresent herd hype arises but really the cash rings. Chapeau ... you can do that.
Honour to whom honour is due and a person manages to compose a lastingly inspiring scent composition, that is certainly admirable.

On the other hand, there are companies like Dua Fragrances. They let themselves be "inspired" by the creations of established artists. That's how they promote it. Others would claim they steal intellectual property. In many cases this is difficult to contradict. One would have to believe that a business model such as this can only work if, in addition to a rather aggressive advertising campaign, the price is comparatively ridiculously low compared to its role model.
30 milliliters of this stuff cost $65 with no shipping. As in this case, no exorbitant savings, if any, can be made on most of DF's plants.
Then why the hell does this still work?
First of all ... i sure don't have an answer that's wisdom's last resort, but I have a hunch.
I think it might have something to do with courage. Why Mut?
Let's take the "Poseidon's Invasion", which has been given an extremely embarrassingly martial title here. A lousy name, which just as well in the night program of Tele5 strange people entertainment in the form of a B- ... or maybe more C movies.
The prelude confirms this thesis in a frightening way. Sprayed on the wrist, I have the feeling I sniff an empty tube which once contained vitamin C tablets.

Auweia, I was only grabbed by irrationality in the form of a blind purchase because I came by pure chance into the situation to lay out a small remaining quantity of Original Aventus (gaeäääähn) with the "Invasion of Barbers" already in my collection for a long time This mixture of scent impressions inspired me so much in this moment that I could only nod approvingly when I read DF actually brings a hybrid of both scents onto the market. I actually imagine that the mix of known scents, before they are put on top of each other in Duá's laboratory in any way whatsoever, is first subjected to a simple layer experiment
is underlying.

I find this an extremely refreshing approach and also courageous. I like the thought that somewhere over the big pond a Yank just like me was sitting, probably by pure chance sprayed the two scents on his arm and was similarly enthusiastic.
Looking at DF's current new publications, this business model should be established to an extended extent. Currently one new release is chasing the other.

I can imagine that many will not like this here. I can also understand it a little bit. Personally, I take a rather pragmatic view. I'm interested in what comes out in the end. In most cases I look at the overall impression and appreciate constant fragrances as a rule at least just as much as fragrances with complex progressions, which have already given me a treasure.

In the end, the whole package really knocks my socks off.
The brewing tube says goodbye after a few minutes and a rather fruity pineapple jumps to my nose mainly with the violet leaf, some lavender and a divine patch note into bed.

This perfume proves to be quite economical. Connoisseurs of DF flacons know about their stingy atomizers. With 2-3 sprays you can easily get over the working day of a manager. For the first 3-4 hours or so, the fragrance radiates quite vigorously, before increasingly retreating in its linear course, but remaining perceptible for at least 11 hours
To the best of my knowledge, creating the brisk methodology of fragrance hybrids is new, but from my point of view it is a successful approach. The industry will therefore be able to cope ;)

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