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When it comes to lifestyle and luxury - Dunhill plays in the top league. The renowned company provides discerning men with a comprehensive range of products, from apparel & shoes, accessories and perfumes.

The company's founder, Alfred Dunhill, initially specialized in the manufacture of riding saddles. His son Alfred Jr. took over the saddlery in 1893 at the age of 21 and expanded the business by concentrating on the promising automotive sector. The production of leather covers, protective clothing & metal parts made the company a universal production company for car accessories in 1904. With the expansion into the tobacco industry, a new successful business area was created and crowned in 1927 by the development of the legendary Dunhill Unique pocket lighter. In the 1930s, the company turned to personal care products which led to the first aftershave and men's perfume in 1934.

The masculine character of Dunhill perfumes reflects the history of the company. Subtle & lavish tones perfectly characterize these fragrances. They range from woody-herb to fresh, gentle and sometimes floral with diverse nuances. The noble fragrances stand for something that goes beyond what’s visible for the eye and yet clearly assert themselves as masculine with their distinctive features.
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