Dunhill Black (Eau de Toilette) by Dunhill

Dunhill Black 2008 Eau de Toilette

17.09.2021 - 02:10 PM

Uncommon scent

I got a sample of this fragrance because of its Nettle accord. I don´t like all those mainstream scents, that are fine in the best case, but lack originality, are boring and let you with that feeling of me-too.

So I give credit to Dunhill for this nice and different fragrance. Once said that, the scent itself is dominated by this nettle accord. It´s delicate and pleasant, nobody is going to dislike it. But it´s not something that makes you fall in love.

The aroma of nettle in this fragance is faint with an slightly sweet, very slightly salty, pleasant, herbaceous smell. It brings good vibes, but this may not be the scent someone looks for in a fragrance. That´s why I give it just a 6. It´s good and different, but it doesn´t drive me crazy.

Sillage is mild, definitely this fragrance is for self enjoyment. Longevity is low, as everybody else has said. Great bottle.
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