Icon by Dunhill

Icon 2015

20.06.2019 - 12:29 AM
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An Icon flask with neroli

The Neroli note - or should I say fresh bitter-orange flower note - t's a love/hate scent for me. I love it because the bitter orange smell with the scent of fresh flowers (jasmin?), makes this note intoxicating and overwhelming. I hate it because it lasts pungent for some brief moments and then it's almost gone. Nevertheless It complements beautifully all other citrusy notes - Bergamot in Icon - allowing the original composition to last longer while keeping its true fragrance.
And that's about it. Dunhill Icon has a magnificent neroli opening note. But once the neroli-bergamot accord weakens, it becomes a mainstream spicy fougére fragrance with some woods and herbs. A nice fragrance if you like fougéres. I did not detect any oud.
Does it deserve all the hype it has received? A YES to the flask and the opening and a NO to all the remaining features.
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