Icon Absolute (2015)

Icon Absolute by Dunhill
Bottle Design Mark Eisen
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Icon Absolute is a perfume by Dunhill for men and was released in 2015. The scent is woody-oriental. It is being marketed by Inter Parfums.

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Carlos Benaïm

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesSicilian bergamot, Black pepper
Heart Notes Heart NotesEgyptian jasmine, Black rose, Saffron
Base Notes Base NotesOud, Tobacco leaf, Tuscan leather



7.3 (59 Ratings)


7.1 (54 Ratings)


6.8 (54 Ratings)


8.6 (69 Ratings)
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Greatly helpful Review    58
Recently in the Ruhrpott.... Part 8

"Mr. Spangler, nice to see you, how's your health?"

Iris doesn't keep Babbel at home, I had to get out of there. Kennse datt? You make datt and is not right, then you make datt, is also not right, then she tells some Dönekes and I don't mean to listen. She's just trying to page me. I'm out and I thought I'd drop by.

"Oh well, I'm sorry to hear that, sounds like trouble."

What shall I do in France, master? Watt was there?

"I meant dilemma. I'm sure it'll be all right. Maybe a nice scent will help you together?!"

Ma look. Hasse watt schönet da? I could use some wadding again. Getz, look out, let me get these expensive chocolates. I'm knee-deep today. I was just trying my hand here at DM watt. Smell it.

"Interesting, what's the name of the fragrance?
Tester! It was there, but I don't like it that much. So draw ma watt ordentliches.

"Gladly, we also have inexpensive Mr. Spangler. Have a look at the wall, there we also have offers and the so-called mainstream. I'm sure you'll find something nice that might smooth the waves"

Hömma, you're also a fish who likes to help, oda?

"What do you mean?"

Well, social room. Oh kumma, Mercedes makes scents too? Is ja A Klasse..Haha verstehse?

"That was delicious again, Mr. Spangler. Your visit is always a pleasure."

Sach ma, do you also hate watt of Oppel? Dates would do well to fit if I smelled like my car.

"No, Opel doesn't make scents as much as I know."

I knew it. No, you only want to network master. What are these for blinding grenades? Boah watt Oscheks. You can smash your skull in with it. Do I need a gun license for

"This is the Dunhill Icon series. Although these all carry the name, they smell nevertheless very differently. Very popular is the silver one and name giver. A fresh, very spicy fragrance for the man and if you allow me to say so...no fragrance for bicycle helmet wearers."

Yes, kumma, you rascal, I understand. So shadow parker mine? Son hairdryer? So egg liqueur alcoholic? My hawses go to boss, though. I've seen some of these before. What's this about the gold one? Can it watt, too? Ham not made the cigarettes?

"The Dunhill company from England did indeed start with tobacco shops, but has expanded over the last 100 years and now also makes fashion and accessories. The golden one in your hands is also a very beautiful scent, which smells very different than the silver one."

Wadden a Kawenzmann, if you've got it in your hand like that. Boah boy, that's already massive here. I'll try this one. White actually watt in English "the cat of prey looks pretty" means?

"Excuse me?"

Lynx Good! Horny, oda?

"It's always a pleasure, it reminds me..my grandmother is Greek..fetalicherseits"


"All right, now you want to test the scent? The golden one is called Icon Absolute."

Absolutely master. Let's make ma luki luki what he can do. Hmmmm...datt comes already times well here the beginning.

"I must confess that these kinds of fragrances are relatively common, but are usually more expensive. We also have a certain resemblance to Tom Ford's Oud Wood here, but without being a twin as I think. This fragrance is very popular, but among us said a little overhyped, if you will allow me the Anglicism at this point"

I don't know if your passion for fishing has anything to do with that, but I know him, he didn't knock me out of my socks either. Yeah, but here's the dazzling grenade I like.

"Isn't it? A fresh, spicy start that immediately becomes woody, then gets a certain sweetness from jasmine. That's not new, but I think this is very well done and completely different from the original icon. "

You can't nag a sport there. The Freddy likes that date. Is there still watt?

"A hint of leather is added, but the woody remains present through the oud."

Is that that mold again? Like the horse perfumes the other day? I've watched you wad master, I don't want gammy scents.

"Well, I've explained to you that this is mostly produced synthetically, including in this fragrance. So you don't have to worry about any bacteria"

Well, your word in God's ear canal. I've had a stomach bug, but that wasn't funny. Here you can ask the empress who became famous with it.

"What empress?"

Schissi! Understand? Doesn't matter. Pass on that one is really good, I like that one. Datt is not for any Great Crested Grebe either. I know one of these. He'd say he didn't have the flowers. I think that Mopped would like the iris on me too. I hope so, or I'll get back on my feet.

"I can very well imagine that this fragrance will be well received at home. I find just the price-performance ratio is excellent with this fragrance"

Apopo..how long does that part last?

"So 6-7h are already in here and if you still spray it on clothes even longer. It always depends on the texture of the skin. One has dry skin, the other oily."

I got combination skin. It's Killefitt. You're always so stupid, I always find that stupid. Nah hömma, I think that's good when I'm on the roll at night or something. Dates are good to wear then.

"Quite Mr. Spangler, a good field of application, but also universally applicable. Maybe just not in midsummer."

Yeah, so I like datt woody sweet and at the price can not complain. This is also a very tasty day, the iris will be shaking around me and the bottle isn't a Pinnoreck, that's clear. White watt nose...pack it in. I'll take that with me.

"Very much, I think you've made a good choice. The scent suits a man like you perfectly."

Yes is a Fitsch, the coal is futschikato, but there I cuckoo whether the Iris still Brass has and then I draw the one. Abba, don't let them think after, I want to blow them up with the grenade here.

"Just blow up some of that scent first, she'll love it. I thank you and wish you much pleasure with the fragrance Mr. Spangler."

Thank you Master, it's always worth it when I come by. Bull market pure.
31 Replies
8.0 6.0 7.0 8.0/10

182 Reviews
Helpful Review    3
A western oud very arabesque
I am happy to see that, more and more, western houses dare with fragrances of typical arabesque execution, and in this case, by the way, nothing has gone wrong, but nothing bad.

Icon absolute has a strong output, which can frighten the less experienced with this type of notes. It comes out with a dirty and crude oud, with a very slight citrus and spicy tone, which gives a certain sensation of humidity, like moldy and mossy wood, almost to the limit of rot, I love it, but it is strange and original. Then, that mossy and humid sensation, disappears in seconds, and instead appear floral tones very shy, highlighting the rose and saffron, but nothing exaggerated, mixing with the wood of oud excellently well, recreating a deep, spicy woody fragrance and floral, with nuances tobacco, really pretty, although, this part of the perfume, is the least original, since it looks a lot like other perfumes of oud with roses. The drying I love, is a mixture of oud and leather, with spicy tobacco tones, for which they revolt residual floral nuances, a fragrance of oud-leather semi-sweet and spicy, with a slight, but beautiful, ajazminate floral leave tone.

The performance seems good, but nothing exceptional either, being moderate in both cases, longevity and projection. It has lasted about 6 hours in skin, and it has disappointed me a little.

It is a perfume of cold and temperate climates and nocturnal character. An elegant and masculine scent, perfect for formal events and special occasions that require it, I do not see it for daily use, it would be a waste.

If you are looking for a perfume of oud elegant and beautiful, here you have a highly recommended and with quality, but to be honest, in the Arab perfumery there are perfumes very similar to this and with a much higher performance, and even at a lower cost, Rasasi Dhanal Oudh Ruwah, for example, is very similar, but with extraordinary performance for just over € 20, so each one chooses what suits their wallet and needs, that I, for now, I'm still staying with the Arab perfumery .

Sorry for my bad english.
1 Replies
10.0 1.0 2.0 4.5/10

29 Reviews
Dunhill Icon Absolute
A really nice looking metallic faux gold-plated bottle.
Can be purchased for under $50 USD.

Oud is synthetic and not the greatest by a long shot.
Longevity is between 3 and 4 hours sprayed on my skin.
It immediately turns into a skin scent.

I feel that Dunhill could have done a LOT better with Icon Absolute, considering that both Icon and Icon Racing have a lot better longevity and sillage. I won't mention Icon Elite.

Instead of naming this fragrance Icon Absolute, they should have named it Icon Sport, because most fragrances with the word "Sport" in their name have horrible longevity as well. It would have fit right in.

On the bright side, Icon Absolute can be worn anywhere without a problem because you will be the only one who will be able to smell it.

Scent: 5/10
Longevity: 2/10
Sillage: 1/10

Final score: 2.7/10


KimJong 116 days ago
Really nice spicy oud scent. It feels young, stately and modernistic.+1
Carlitos01 13 months ago
An occidental synthetic oud fragrance with interesting oriental nuances. Similar to T. F. Oud Wood and Versace Oud Noir. Very nice flask.+3
IanFriedrich 19 months ago
I just love it & I don't mind about synthetic oud scent.
If Dunhill solve the longevity & sillage issue, I will buy it without a doubt.+1

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