Signature Collection - Agar Wood by Dunhill

Signature Collection - Agar Wood 2021

04.10.2021 - 04:10 PM

Hands down the BEST release I've smelled this year!

The best Dunhill has EVER released, imho. As complex and as good as the notes suggest. There is a very passable oud-y aspect from the top to bottom, as well as a very present lipstick-y iris.

If I had to approximate this, I would say this embodies all of the elements of what makes Dior Homme Parfum, Tom Ford's Ombre Leather and Gucci Guilty Absolute pour Homme great and successfully packages it all in one composition.

Clone? No. Inspired? Maybe. See, with this it not only hints at those greats but it goes on to improve them by adding the things people wanted to have seen in those frags respectively. Things like: oud, tobacco ginger, Sichuan pepper, etc... helping to make this it's own thing. Take the label off and this is credibly niche.
Only will the addictive frag head get the references this harkens to. Trust me.

Overall, this is an official sock blower. Please quote me when this blows up.

Well done, Dunhill.

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