L'òme - À L'Extrait d'Argousier / With Sea Buckthorn Extract by Durance en Provence

L'òme - À L'Extrait d'Argousier With Sea Buckthorn Extract 2006

06.05.2018 - 08:34 AM


Have you ever had pink eraser, the wonderfully smelling kind of must-have equipment for little girls in school? Or fragrant colored pens in purple or violet color? A much simpler name should have given for that delightful scent! So we have a fragrance for the beginning of the school. Let’s say the ideal name would sound as „September in the School Desk”.

As the happiness of new books slowly fades away, the perfume settles down on a creamy, smooth base, that is dominated by lavender, orange wood and sandalwood. I am touched by the kindness and serenity of this beautiful fragrance from the beginning till the very end.

No, it is not for men. It is for people with inner child. Maybe the low ratings comes from wrong positioning of the fragrance, the saturnine bottle and „for men” categorization, people testing it and expecting a serious scent. Reminiscence Paris would know better, how to advertise a perfume like this.
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