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Oudh Infini by Dusita
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Oudh Infini is a popular limited perfume by Dusita for women and men and was released in 2016. The scent is animal-floral. Projection and longevity are above-average. It is still in production. Limited Edition

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesLaotian oud, May rose, Tunisian orange blossom
Heart Notes Heart NotesBenzoin siam, Mysore sandalwood
Base Notes Base NotesMadagascar vanille absolute, Musk, Civet



7.7 (57 Ratings)


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190 Reviews
Helpful Review    3
OUDH Infini
I left Oudh Infini at last in my journey of brand evalution precisely because of the most controversial air surrounding its existence. The constant launching of oud-themed perfumes in the marketplace has made people saturated and not very tolerant. It only complicates if such a perfume has a price and luxury positioning - today many reviewers falsely believe that the easiest thing to do is to buy the available agarwood bases in the market and make a creation that emulates the complex and complexion of the resin generated by the infection of Aquillaria trees. This is not only not true as approaching OUDH Infini with such a prejudiced view certainly closes the eyes to the fact that Pissara has been able to maintain here the animalistic aura of the wood at the same time that it makes a multifaceted creation and with a evolution in the more classic and French style of perfumery.

It is interesting how OUDH Infini seems orchestrated around the absolute of agarwood of good excelence, one of those with nuances that refer to barnyard and cheese. As much as these words may sound scary (and indeed they are), there is an interesting care in balancing the elements in the composition while strengthening the richness that makes it an expensive perfume. In addition to the Agarwood, I have the feeling that in OUDH Infini there is an excellent quality of natural absolute of civet and castoreum, which complement the nuances of the note giving it an animalic aura with a certain vintage feeling as well. It is interesting that there is also citrus floral nuances that act in the background balancing the weight that would be the composition if it were composed only of animal and heavy elements. As time passes on the skin, OUDH Infini extends the naturalness of its main raw material with a quieter woody base, where it is possible to perceive the cypriol by playing the oudh at the base in conjunction with vetiver and musks. Vanilla finishes giving a creaminess to the intense animalic tone of the composition and rounds very well the whole work. After passing the heavier and more challenging opening OUDH Infini behaves like a classic scent, demonstrating different aspects of its personality on different days. Sometimes more woody, sometimes more animalic and even with a musky and clean civet scent. It is a very interesting perfume that certainly delivers what it charges for.
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10 Reviews
Oudh Infini, infinitely boring
I don't understand what all the hype is about, because this perfume isn't spectacular in my subjective opinion. I know I'm not the only one not impressed with this scent, and that some can't stand it because they feel it smells like horse dung. People who got caught up in and fooled by the hype are already selling their barely used bottles.
Anyhow, my experience with Oudh Infini.
Upon initial spray I was wondering if this was the same scent everyone is oohing and aahing about as being the King of Skank. Really?
From my notes:
after application : where's the skank?
10 min : soft warm creamy oriental. No skank yet.
35 min : baby animal poo-like scent becomes perceptible over the creamy base/heart (I'm not discerning separate notes, everything is blended to a blur)
50 min : no change
1h 15 min : no change
2h 5 min : no change, has turned into a skin scent, need to bring my arm up to my nose to smell it
2h 30 min: no change, scent fading a little more
3h 10 min : still no change
4h : still no change
7h : no change, scent has almost faded
That's no change or scent evolution after the 30 minutes mark.
My verdict: it's a soft furry milk-fed baby animal that has maybe still a little poo stuck to its fur. Nothing repulsive but nothing very attractive either. I can understand that this can be a comforting scent for some, even if I can't share their feeling of wanting to smell like that. It's not exactly appealing to me, and definitely not a crowd pleaser nor safe scent. The scent trace left on clothing the next day smells quite lovely though (the innocent poo note is gone), but it's really not much different from other quality creamy type ouds.
And is it the beast that is being described in the reviews? Not at all. It's a meek cuddly baby animal. MKK or Dior Leather Oud pack more of a punch. Is it worth €400 for 50 ml? Euh, no, sorry. I think there are far more interesting scents and better ouds out there. Especially at that price.

484 Reviews
Very helpful Review    7
The oud/flowers pairing works in the same fashion that the classic leather/flowers combination does. They amplify each other’s most ambitious attributes. Floral notes take a whip to leather and leather notes give flowers a cold flame. Look at Germaine Cellier’s Miss Balmain or Parfumerie Générale’s Cuir d’Iris. Oud Infini has a similar dynamic. Oud’s sweet rot brings out the decadence of the floral notes and an overt animalism underlines the whole sweaty scene. A lush sandalwood note gives Oud Infini a charismatic drawl that suits the growling animalism perfectly.

The perfume industry has been performing back-bends to get back the prohibited materials that built the business. Guerlain have stripped oakmoss of a single toxic molecule to keep Mitsouko alive as s/he approaches 100. Caches of 80 year old deer musk pods are being unearthed for guilt-free use. Beavers are rufied rather than killed to collect castoreum. Sandalwood has been resurrected. You feel safe that nothing was tortured and the environment wasn’t wounded for your pleasure.

But there still room for a little ‘I wanna be evil’ role-play. Who cares if some civet cats were culled or that using Mysore sandalwood is right up there with wearing sealskin. I deserve the real deal. I Want The Authenticity. Usually we have to follow a vintage fetish to scratch this particular itch but Oud Infini gives us that good-old, bad-old vibe of the 1920s animalic perfumes in a more modern setting. It resists nostalgia by using the contemporary vernacular of oud. The animalism and the luscious sandalwood provide the subliminal touch that brings the fantasy to life.

The fact is that I have no idea what materials perfumer Pissara Umavijani has used to make Oud Infini. Real oud, ‘genuine’ animalics? Mysore sandalwood? I don’t actually care. Fantasy has long been a selling point in perfumery. Mostly it’s a schlocky story used to sell you a perfume: cheap orientalism, Town-and-Country aspiration, sex. Oud Infini doesn’t sell you a back-story. It creates a perfume packed with references to the materials of the golden era of perfumery. It smells lush and decadent. It feels predatory. It creates the set for the drama and invites you to enact it yourself.

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TapirMedard 6 months ago
I do not understand the enthusiasm. No expected depth of oud, too straight flavor of civet.+3
Taskphorce 9 months ago
Dirty baby diaper, musky civet fur, an animal’s anal glands at the point they need draining, aged cheese & hot halitosis breath. 1/10 rating+3
Alex1984 17 months ago
Beautifully done animalic chypre-oriental, stunning skill! But price is the defining factor. Vintage lovers should try, most would love it!+2
elin 2 years ago
Retro chypre on its halfway to decay with dirty animal waves and sour gasoline rose. Just a bad odor with no excuses.+9

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