FleurReserve Edition - Fleur Liquide (2009)

Fleur / Reserve Edition - Fleur Liquide by EMES / Mémoire Liquide
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Fleur is a perfume by EMES / Mémoire Liquide for women and was released in 2009. The scent is floral-citrusy. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Mimosa, Night-blooming jasmine, Orange blossom



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7.5 5.0 7.5 8.0/10

240 Reviews
Fracas-ish Sheer Tropical Floral
Memoire Liquide Reserve-Fleur Liquide is in the same style as Fracas about half as good in sillage and longevity. My hubby picked this up in a consignment shop thinking it was a book...much to his horror, I immediately recognized it as one of the coveted Memoire Liquide Reserve Series selling for a 1/3 of the regular price! Score! This is a beautiful package presentation, tied in a lovely chiffon bow and also keeps the bottle protected from direct sunlight. The bottle is also very well made and sleek. the fragrance is delicate, sheer and tropical- perfect for a Summer evening in Hawaii or Fiji, etc. This is a just straight up pretty warm weather fragrance for me and I must admit, I rarely reach for it, but it fills a particular spot in my collection that would otherwise require either Fracas, Estee Lauder's Private collection Tuberose and Gardenia, Carolina Herrera or Madonna's Truth or Dare. None of which I am motivated enough to spend my precious perfume pennies on when I only have about have of the spice and musk fragrances I need (Yes, we have a disorder, now let's move on!). Anyway, I love this for it's perfection and easy wear in the heat of the night, on the beach with a fruity drink in hand, this is just right. Does this blow me away- not really. Does this take me away to a warm fantasy island, Yes it can do that- particularly when layered with Bobbi Brown's Beach, Elizabeth Arden's True Love or CB I hate Perfume's At the Beach 1966- throw a lei on that and I'll dance with it!
5.0 5.0 5.0 6.0/10

1165 Reviews
Almost identical to Soleil Liquide
A lovely perfume friend of mine sent me a sample of Fleur Liquide a month ago. Today I decided to test it, expecting to be blown away by a beautiful, fresh blend of jasmine and orange blossom. I became very confused when Fleur Liquide opened quite citrusy and sweet.

I contacted my friend prior to writing this review just to make certain I had the right decant. It reminded me a lot of Soleil Liquide from the same house. My friend compared the two, by which we both marvelled at how similar they were, particularly in the initial stages.

If you like Soleil Liquide, well there's no doubt you'll enjoy Fleur Liquide. Although jasmine is listed as a note, it's not as dominant as you might expect it to be. Orange blossom stands out the most to my nose, being both citrusy, fresh and soft on the skin. It has that same bright and sunny feel that I found so likable in Soleil Liquide all those years ago.

On a cold Winter's night, such as the weather I'm now experiencing, Fleur Liquide doesn't seem so interesting on the skin. However, during Spring and Summer, I am certain that this composition will really shine. It has a lovely, clean freshness that is difficult not to like.

The drydown is quite musky, and has a slight laundry powder smell to it. Thankfully it isn't sharp nor too heavy. I'm rather enjoying this clean approach in the final stages of Fleur Liquide's development.

The sillage is somewhat weak, but not undetectable. I would have liked this fragrance to have lasted just that little bit longer, but then again, I don't find the longevity disappointing. The only thing that has thrown me off track was Fleur Liquide's uncanny resemblance to Soleil Liquide, which was a bit of a dampener overall.
7.5 7.5 6.0/10

1239 Reviews
Big White Orange Blossoms
Thanks to the generous size of the Mémoire Liquide sample vials, I was able to test FLEUR LIQUIDE three times before issuing my verdict. And that's a very good thing in this case, since my evaluation has already changed three times!

The first time I wore this perfume, it seemed like a big white floral bomb. I felt that gardenia or tiare were somehow implicated, although neither is listed among the notes. I discovered that FLEUR LIQUIDE is *VERY* strong, with headache potential for those with white flower intolerance.

The second time I wore this perfume, it reminded me in waves of Serge Lutens FLEURS D'ORANGER. The orange blossom was up front and center, and I also detected a fair amount of jasmine. I liked it better than my first try--perhaps I had applied a more judicious amount and that's why it seemed a bit less overwhelming.

The third time I wore this perfume, I discovered more of a sweet side to it, but the orange blossom remained dominant, and despite its strength, this is definitely nothing like ELIE SAAB edp. For one thing, there's no patchouli. It's also not like ELIE SAAB edt, since FLEUR LIQUIDE does not use that woody aromachemical base which annoys me.

Overall, I came to the conclusion that FLEUR LIQUIDE is a fairly strong orange blossom perfume, not a cologne, and more about orange blossom than jasmine or mimosa. To be honest, I don't believe that I noticed any mimosa in this composition at any point. It was probably drowned out by the orange blossom.

It's a floral perfume, for floral lovers in general, and orange blossom lovers, in particular. I find FLEUR LIQUIDE rather feminine, and the fact that this perfume was featured at Anthropologie makes a lot of sense, given the overall feminine aesthetic of that store. Apparently these Mémoire Liquide perfumes went through the Anthropologie revolving door fairly quickly, but they are still available at lots of other places right now, including Parfum1, which is where I found the samples.

Overall, the quality of this line has impressed me, reminding me unerringly of more expensive niche houses. The compositions are not earthshatteringly original, but the perfumes are well blended and smell natural.
5.0 5.0 9.0/10

14 Reviews
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Blossoms..pure blossom!
This smells just like fruit tree blossoms, soft delicate nector! I smell Lemon tree blossoms & orange blossoms too. Though it does not seem to last very long, maybe a few hours at best. But I would still have this in my collection, as its really smells like natural blossom.

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