Vacances Reserve Edition - Vacances Liquide (2009)

Vacances / Reserve Edition - Vacances Liquide by EMES / Mémoire Liquide
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Vacances is a perfume by EMES / Mémoire Liquide for women and men and was released in 2009. The scent is aquatic-spicy. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Coconut milk, Seawater, Tiaré, Tahitian vanilla



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Memories of Virgin Island Water
Once again I find myself thinking immediately of another perfume while wearing a creation from the house of Mémoire Liquide. VACANCES LIQUIDES smacks unmistakably to my nose of Creed VIRGIN ISLAND WATER. Coconut was the first note I noticed, followed by the familiar aquatic-citric-vaguely monoi-oid vibe of the Creed perfume.

So, yes, it smells good. I do not know why citrus is not listed among the notes, given that its presence is undeniable, but the overall effect of this perfume is very nice. The sensation is similar to sitting on the beach drinking a cold drink on a warm day with the breeze blowing through one's hair and lifting the scent of coconut suntan lotion into the moist air.

I do think that this would be a good vacation scent, and I have considered acquiring the Creed version on this theme in the past. I would like at some point to have this sort of scent in my wardrobe, but I would only need one or the other, since they are very similar indeed.

Three for three, the perfumes of the house of Mémoire Liquide have reminded me of haute-niche perfumes by either By Kilian or Creed. What I do not know yet is whether they cost more or less, but I do suspect that it is less, which of course would be good news, although some people might write this house off for producing "knock-offs".

I don't buy that whole line. I simply don't believe that the perfumer for Mémoire Liquide has a gas chromatograph and sets out to copy already popular niche perfumes. Good ideas are good ideas, and if one person can have a good idea, why not another one in another part of the world?

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