Eau de Senteur - Bois de Rose

Eau de Senteur - Bois de Rose by E. Coudray
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Eau de Senteur - Bois de Rose is a perfume by E. Coudray for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is floral-sweet. The longevity is above-average. The production was apparently discontinued. Pronunciation
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Submitted by Florblanca, last update on 25.06.2020.
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The rosewood box
One day I found that my big climbing rose, the Climbing Iceberg, needed fresh earth. The indestructible wood looked very good, sturdy, strong, old and it was a beautiful green-brown colour, almost ash grey. So it should be. But the foliage no longer had the usual health, the shiny shine had been lost over the many years and the flowering was also diminishing from year to year. I was worried about my adornment, which had brought me great happiness and intimate joy for many years - not least because of its delicate peach-scented scent.

So I set to work and loosened the soil. I soon came across something hard, impenetrable, which did not really surprise me, for the ground here is full of stones and interspersed with petrified clay soil. But when I dug deeper I was very surprised about my find, because this time it was not a stone but a box, more precisely a wooden box.
I had no idea what kind of wood it was, but because it was buried under my beautiful big rose, I called it a 'rosewood box'
Happy about my find, I interrupted my work and filled up the hole again. Curious, I put the cleaned box on the terrace table and made myself a coffee from all the excitement ... the tension was so great! I needed some time and wanted to delay the moment of opening
Finally I took a seat and looked at the rose box which was decorated with beautiful carvings. The lid opened easily and I saw a strong, short wooden shoot with a single withered, completely dried rose blossom. It had lost nothing of its beauty compared to the living rose petals. Only its original colour, cream white, had changed to dark ochre yellow. Carefully I laid the very prickly twig on the table, because underneath it lay a parchment rolled up.

Now it became really exciting - a message in a secret hiding place!
I read the following text:

... sit with me, and I will sit with you ... carry me, and I will carry you.. ... ...understand me, then I will understand you...
... love me, then I'll understand you too...
... ...keep me, and I'll keep you...

Under these five lines the iceberg rose was clearly visible.

I was very touched It was so much more mysterious than I ever could have imagined I read these instructions again and again and when I wanted to put the paper rolled up and put it back into its box, I discovered a third one in an angle, namely a tiny glass container with liquid in it. I immediately opened the glass container and an irresistible scent came out of it, which was familiar to me. It was the scent of the Iceberg rose petals. Only much more intense, much stronger and still much, much more beautiful...

And it echoed inside of me... sit with me, carry me, understand me, love me. and keep me. And all that I would do, it would be returned to me.

Giving away and being given a present again.
What a deep and wonderful thought...
What a treasure I had discovered here?
I wanted to help the Rose. But she helped me Gave me courage and comfort and joy.


The scent in the small glass, if I wanted to describe it, it is quickly done:

I see before me a dense, overgrown, meter-high hedge
It smells intensely spicy, balsamic, wonderfully earthy
In the middle of the hedge there is an iron gate embedded
Behind it a big fir green, curved trellis
A rose climbs up on it with countless creamy white flowers
Branching out in a wide area, the branches find their way.
Winding in all directions, clutching all the many struts
The rosewood is rough and smells of fine, dark resins
Just woody... it smells old, very, very old
Warm, wide open calyxes exude their odeur
Sweet as a ripe peach
Delicious like an exquisite liqueur
It is a rose of the Orient: sweet, exotic and mysterious
Dark, velvety mosses suggest the colour green

Dark green
The color of hope

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Bois de Rose * Rosenstock und Blüte der 'Climbing Iceberg' * Faszinierender Rosenduft der alten Schule mit sanftem Pfirsichlikör auf balsamischem, grünholzigem Eichenmoos (27. Mai 2020)
by Santalwalti
Der Rosentraum 'Freifrau Caroline' mit seinem überaus betörenden Duft von süßer Birne, der an Williams-Christ Birnen erinnert, geht bei geöffneter Blüte über in eine weiche Apfelnote...passt herrlich zu diesem edlen Duft
by Santalwalti
by Florblanca
by Florblanca
by Florblanca
by Florblanca
by Florblanca
by Florblanca

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