Baume du Doge (2008)

Baume du Doge by Eau d'Italie
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7.6 / 10     89 RatingsRatingsRatings
Baume du Doge is a popular perfume by Eau d'Italie for women and men and was released in 2008. The scent is spicy-oriental. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesCardamom, Orange, Cinnamon
Heart Notes Heart NotesMyrrh, Saffron, Frankincense
Base Notes Base NotesBenzoin, Vanilla, Vetiver



7.6 (89 Ratings)


6.7 (59 Ratings)


6.3 (57 Ratings)


6.1 (58 Ratings)
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6.0 6.0 6.0 8.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    12
The Cinnamonugger
"Baume du Doge" is like "Musc Ravageur" - only sweet, gentle, good-natured. Not a beast, but an angel. A cinnamon scent, on the tracks of cloud 7. Creamy, almost milky, very beautiful and never scratchy, which is not a matter of course for a Zimty. I like it very much, I could almost fool myself. Reminiscent of the cini minis or cinnamontinos of yore. Pleasant memories.

A perfume that makes you warm. In the belly, in the heart, Baume du Doge takes everyone in its arms. He won't stab anyone in the back and can't hurt a fly. A good fragrance in the most positive sense of the word. Oriental, but westernized. Can be addictive. But that's the only thing to be afraid of around here. A tip to everyone - unless you can't stand cinnamon to death. It's safe for the rest of us. It should have been a few more edges, but you can't have everything. And sometimes it just has to do you good. Fits also into the pre-Christmas time and into the markets of this world. He just wants to play and love.

Flacon: pretty they are not exactly...
Shelf life: Cinnamon can be a nuisance (although this is hardly imaginable here)... so I can live with 6 hours.
Sillage: is in control, doesn't approach any stupid from the side.

Conclusion: the nicest cinnamon scent in the world. Soft and legger.
5.0 5.0 7.0/10

47 Reviews
Baume du Doge
oriental woody frag ,very anonimous even if you smell a lot of spice and incense here ,not absolutely bad but very close to the skin with very poor sillage and longevity in skin ,just to buy as a perfume to use before going to bed
5.0 5.0 5.0 6.0/10

261 Reviews
Depths and doubts
After reading Sherapop's opinion I have to agree in 100%: ESPRIT DU TIGRE and BAUME DU DOGE should not be compared.

This fragrance has depths, many layers as the atmosphere, the various aromas fly in waves. Earth and air are the strongest elements there. Moldy, mossy rocks at the seashore, spices, pervasive old-perfume odor, and, at the very end, dry, woody, smoky smell - so the incense does not dissolve with other heart notes.
It was not sweet or feminine/masculine to my nose at all, totaly wearable to both gender.

I do not like BAUME DU DOGE. But it is special and interesting.
Endurance is average, area of attack is really small.
7.5 7.5 8.0/10

1239 Reviews
Very helpful Review    4
Worthy of a Jungle Cat (or an Italian magistrate?)...
I am a bit confused. I took up my sample of Eau d'Italie BAUME DU DOGE after reading some reviews of Heeley ESPRIT DU TIGRE which compare the two fragrances. Sniffers seem unanimous that BAUME DU DOGE is better--and I agree with them. My question is: why would anyone compare these two fragrances in the first place?

BAUME DU DOGE is a rich, complex, multilayered oriental perfume with a thick and palpable benzoin-myrrh base, and the hard-hitting spices of this composition (in stark contrast to ESPRIT DU TIGRE) are quite detectable. Saffron, cardamom, pepper and more, are combined here in a very appealing blend. There is no camphor or mint, which dominate the Heeley composition, to my nose. So why in the world are people comparing these two fragrances at all?

It must be the name! Which just goes to show once again that people are influenced by even poorly chosen names. Heeley ESPRIT DU TIGRE really has no bite to it at all, being completely and utterly polite. Eau d'Italie BAUME DU DOGE, in contrast, is a fierce animal, an oriental perfume worthy indeed of a jungle cat. In fact, I am reminded even a bit of Kenzo JUNGLE L'ELEPHANT!

This is a gorgeous perfume which every oriental lover should make an effort to sniff at some point.

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