Eau d'Italie (2005)

Eau d'Italie by Eau d'Italie
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Eau d'Italie is a perfume by Eau d'Italie for women and men and was released in 2005. The scent is fresh-green. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesFrankincense, Bergamot, Blackcurrant bud
Heart Notes Heart NotesMineral notes, Magnolia, Tuberose
Base Notes Base NotesAmber, Patchouli, Sweet-clover, Musk



5.9 (37 Ratings)


6.3 (22 Ratings)


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7.1 (19 Ratings)
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261 Reviews
Ancient herbal toils
Now I am in a big trouble, what else to say, what Greysolon did not tell about EAU D'ITALIE before me.

This perfume... I will not call it perfume. It is rather a scent, a memorandum of a place. So IT is a bit green, old, nearly historical scent on my skin, reminds me to a Mediterranean garden, but the wall of the old mansion is included to the picture by all means. The concentrated herbal whiffs vanish very soon, and even if you hope, nothing else will happen, and even this nothing keeps big silence. I could say, EAU D'ITALIE is a tiptoe stealthing fragrance, or like a crying baby in the cradle: if you takes it out from the bottle, falls asleep.
5.0 5.0 6.0/10

1239 Reviews
A Journey to strange and nearly forgotten places...
Eau D'Italie EAU D'ITALIE opens with an appealing bouquet of mixed flowers. They are an odd assortment, odd enough to remind me fleetingly of L'Artisan Parfumeur FLEUR DE LIANE (perhaps not coincidentally also composed by Bertrand Duchaufour...). However, after a couple of minutes, EAU D'ITALIE becomes identical to the scent of an organic chemistry lab in which I worked while I was an undergraduate student. Seriously, I cannot wear this composition without thinking of that lab. Could it be the scent of benzene? It's definitely a solvent used in reflux distillation. Let's hope that it's not benzene, which is carcinogenic.

The next lurch made by EAU D'ITALIE is toward the aquatic realm. I am not an aficionado of aquatic fragrances, to put it mildly. In fact, the only truly aquatic fragrance which I can claim to like at this point (I did wear Calvin Klein ESCAPE a long time ago, but those days are over...) is in fact L'Artisan Parfumeur FLEUR DE LIANE. I realize that most people do not think of FLEUR DE LIANE as an aquatic composition, but to my nose it is midway between floral and aquatic, close enough to aquatic to count, given that straight-up aquatics are not even wearable by me.

I'd say nearly the same about EAU D'ITALIE: this seems more aquatic than aromatic after a few minutes, but not aquatic enough to be unwearable by me. Still, by the drydown the flowers have faded to such a degree that I'm left thinking that EAU D'ITALIE is more aquatic than floral, and though it is just a touch over the boundary, it's enough to make me doubt that I'd ever seek this creation out.

On those extremely rare occasions when I feel like wearing an aquatic floral, I can reach for my small bottle of FLEUR DE LIANE. That said, I'm sure that EAU D'ITALIE would work better for men precisely because it is less floral.

88 Reviews
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The definition of ennui
Eau d’Italie reminds me a lot of Un Jardin en Méditerranée. That’s not a good thing. I don’t mean that they smell alike -although they possess similarities- but both begin with so much promise and end tired, sad and melancholy. Also, both fragrances were created by great perfumers, Un Jardin en Méditerranée by Jean Claude Ellena and Eau d’Italie by Bertrand Douchufour. Oh well, as a violin maker friend of mine likes to say, “Even Stradivari made a few dogs.”

When you first apply Eau d’Italie the florals, orange blossom and magnolia, are really beautiful while the other notes are well blended and give something of a Mediterranean garden accord. This pleasant surprise caught me off guard. It had been a while since I’d last tried Eau d’Italie and my immediate thought was, “Wow, this is so much better than I remember!” That initial impression lasted about 10-15 minutes, a little better than Un Jardin en Méditerranée. Then Eau d’Italie ran out of steam.

Even on application, you can tell Eau d’Italie isn’t going to be a big fragrance. From the start I had to get my nose into my wrist to distinguish its qualities. But once it gets into dry down it really disappears. I gravitate toward sheer, light scents so it really says something when I gripe about a fragrance being too light.

Finally, in the dry down, all those beautiful qualities that were present on application heave a sigh and everything wilts. The florals meld with the blended sweet notes and end up smelling like an orange left in the sun. Not dried out, but warm and limp, the sugars dulled and mellow and the aromatic essences of the zest completely depleted.

It just makes me want to sigh.

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