28.07.2018 - 08:15 PM

A Strange old Beast (and it is a Beast)

The first spray made me feel, "Ha! That's nice. Nothing I have liked for ages and then five come along at once.", the others being from Pappillon and Joan Collins.

Within a few minutes however my impression did a sharp about turn to , "Yikes!".

The first few minutes made me feel that the perfume would be a lighter, easier to wear Fracas type of perfume but all too soon a thick, heavily sweet coconut cream poured over a rich, dense, sweet Tuberose and built up and up and up to overwhelming levels - this from a single spray from one of those 2 ml carded samples.

10 minutes in and a peppery aftershave type of note started to waft to my nose, which did remind of eucalyptus but was rather odd paired with the coconut/tuberose. This aftershave/eucalyptus note is tenacious as four hours after washing the perfume off it still projects strongly.

I get that coconut cream with tuberose syrup very heartily from Do Son by Diptyque which to my nose smells like those sun tan oils that were ever present throughout the '80s. That I find quite nice but with the eucalyptus - not so much.

I found this perfume powerful, one that I could smell constantly throughout the wear (which would have been great had I liked it). Carnal Flower makes Fracas seem positively well behaved on me.

I really dislike the eucalyptus pairing. Even after I had washed it off and four hours later my son said I stunk, it was acrid, and wouldn't stay in the same room as me. I agreed and was pleased I had only sprayed my wrists which several washes later were still radiating. Next morning, some 20 hours after application, and despite 3 or 4 washes with soap and water, my wrists still smell faintly of a really odd medicinal smelling eucalyptus and sweet sweet artificial coconut floral.

I never tried the original so can't compare but this one to me smells very artificial and harsh. Some of that may be the pairing with my skin but it smells pretty similar on a paper tester to me.
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