Carnal Flower by Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle
Helpful Review    02/09/2012
Bottle 7.5 Sillage 7.5 Longevity 10.0 Scent 10.0
Queen of florals or I´ve been eaten alive and I like it. ;)
Carnal Flower is my No 1 tuberose and not only that, but also one of my all time favorite scents. It was love at first sniff and we´re still having a passionate love affair after several years. Usually my go to scents are more in the soft gourmand, refined orientals and woody spectrum, which to me makes them cozy, familiar and kind of friendly. Carnal Flower isn´t at all like this, it´s like an giant flesh eating flower luring me closer and closer and I fall for that same ol' trick all over again, and keep coming back for more.

Yeah, it´s pretty much wears me, but being worn by something as classy, beautiful, frightening, elegant, carnal and splendid is a privilage, especially common days when I´m out with the dog wearing old jeans and a casual sweater...

Also good for weddings! Your own or someone elses. Men can wear it too, if they feel confident enough to pull grand florals off. Not for girls though... IMO.

Carnal Flower has dualistic character, a soft, creamy, lush, exotic smell of the most beautiful flower you can imagine, mixed with a close to cold, greenish, almost minty (eucalyptus) under currant, and that melon (!) keeping it kind of fresh, and the musk make the flower come alive and very, very hungry. Beware! It don´t evolve so much, eventually become a little softer, but never even close to well behaved.

Great lasting power and huge sillage in the early part of it. Must try for all that enjoys some adventure in life.