21.09.2019 - 01:27 PM

Cheap cologne marketed like high luxury niche frag.

Citrus cologne, very musky with a very marked soapy effect, which resembles the classic 4711 (but smelling worse) and in musky appearance, to "Acqua Universalis" by Francis Kurkdjian (of which I am not a fan at all).

Perhaps that of Frederic Malle is somewhat superior than the Kurkdjian, with a little more successful citrus and with the floral notes of Orange Blossom and Neroli, nothing new or more inspired than hundreds of similar fragrances. All with a lot of synthetic musk.

The result is a "cologne" simply "passable", which has really left me feeling of smelling a cheap perfume with a value for money, which falls within the ridiculous and unfortunate. A joke in bad taste since paying for this about € 200 per 100ml, it seems crazy.

The performance may be somewhat superior to direct competition, although it is also nothing spectacular and the sillage is rather low, after the first 30 minutes.

I hope it is a mere coincidence, that the firm Frederic Malle, was recently bought by Estéee Lauder. I insist, I want to think that it is a coincidence that your first release, it came out like this ... ;)
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