22.09.2021 - 05:00 PM

Dans Tes Bras - In Your Arms

Maurice Roucel just loves musk and musk loves him.
Maurice has “only” two perfumes for Frederic Malle and I would say that both are masterpieces. Musc Ravageur and Dans Tes Bras. Totally two different approaches to musk. Sweet gourmand musk (MR) and salty creamy musk (DTB).

Dans Tes Bras has more musk than Musc Ravageur, that's something which Maurice said. And indeed, musk is there for the life of the perfume. Cashmeran is there and gives that "smooth", refreshing, powdery note. Violet gives saltiness, but it is so well synchronized with musk, sandalwood and cashmeran that the saltiness is not sharp and aggressive but creamy.

For me, the biggest factor in this perfume is sandalwood. I smelled a bunch of sandalwoods but I only found this one in Frederic Malle (Example of the same/similar sandalwood: Une Fleur De Cassie).
Not only that sandalwood gives that creamy/woody note but it is also the only note that stays in the nose after a few seconds and then when you move your nose away you can feel it on your tongue as well. Really amazing perfume.

Pure quality in a bottle.

Along with Une Fleur De Cassie, Iris Poudre and Musc Ravegur, I would say that this is one of the "most artistic" perfumes from the house. I’m not saying these four perfumes are that hard to wear (I wear them all), but definitely the idea while creating was to satisfy and make the wearer happy, not to give you a compliment (Although somehow Musc Ravageur is hyped (well deserved), I think that it was initially made as a masterpiece work for a brave audience or fragrance enthusiasts rather than to be hyped).

It lasts 10-12+ hours, but the drydown can last a few more hours depending on the temperature and weather. It stays on the clothes until washing (for a couple of days), solid for this type of fragrance.

My rating would be 10+. Even my wife who isn’t that crazy about FM sometimes goes for DTB and says it’s wonderful and refreshing.

DTB will be with you for the whole day, close to your skin. It wont bother the people around you. But no doubt, DTB will be felt by the person who is *in your arms*. :)

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