25.08.2021 - 03:28 PM


This is the most realistic incense I have ever smelled in my life. It smells IDENTICAL like when you enter to a church. Dusty, woody, dirty incense. It is there from the beginning and it will stay with you until the end. It is amazing that incense will remain the same all the time while other notes will come and go.

The opening is not animalic as The Night, but you can immediately feel the rose, smoke, oud and pepper. Pepper definitely softens the animal opening so it’s lighter than The Night and The Moon initially.

Dry down is a smoky, incensy labdanum. And through the labdanum you can feel the oud incense.

It stays on the skin for 12+ hours, and it stays on the clothes until you wash it.
Dawn will be around you, but it's not too strong so it can be worn at slightly higher temperatures without bothering anyone.

Can't wait to buy it. This is a masterpiece.

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