Lipstick Rose by Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle
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Lipstick Rose is a popular perfume by Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle for women and was released in 2000. The scent is floral-powdery. It is being marketed by Estēe Lauder Companies.

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Ralf Schwieger

Fragrance Notes

Amber, Musk, Rose, Vanilla, Violet, Vetiver



7.7 (222 Ratings)


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7.0 7.0 8.0 8.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    14
Garden gnome and bellflower
The perfume actually smells like lipstick. I'm 6 years old, it's carnival and Hokulani - my little sister - and I try on the costumes Mama made for us. Carefully we slip in so that the pins don't prick us. For us Mama takes those with the round, colourful heads.

At the carnival ball we wear our costumes. Mama strokes her lipstick on our cheeks, rubs it a little and somehow we like it and somehow we don't like it either. Our mama hardly ever wears lipstick. I love this colour and every now and then I take the cap off and smell it. Only the feeling on our cheeks when she draws a circle with her lipstick and rubs it in, we don't like that much.

Hokulani wears a grass green felt top with applications on it - a lantern, a bright red fly agaric with white dots and a hammer. On the head a pointed pointed pointed cap, also made of grass green felt.
For me Mama made a skirt out of lilac fabric, like the calyx of a bellflower. And a hat - on the head sits a flower, on top a short, dark green stem.
Mama guessed our souls with the costumes - later, when I grew out of the bellflower, she sewed me a princess dress. And Hokulani becomes a bellflower until the costume becomes too small for her too. Princess - no, Hokulani never wanted to be that. And I never wanted to be a garden gnome. The costumes fit to our children's souls and somehow I am still a princess and Hokulani today, tender as an elf in a bellflower grove.

For me, all this is Lipstick Rose, which smells similar to lipstick, even with this slightly greasy note. Maybe it's the mixture of rose and violet that I like so much. Vanilla gives the fragrance a slight sweetness, vetiver prevents it from becoming too sticky. According to the official website, the top notes are grapefruit, violet and rose, the heart are currant and iris and the base vanilla, sandalwood and musk. The fragrance doesn't develop much and I can't smell blackcurrant, grapefruit or iris. I float on clouds and am happy. Remind me of how Mama made herself up, which happened very rarely and gave her something mysterious, because Hokulani and I didn't know her like that. We watched her and when she was gone, there was still a touch of lipstick and making herself beautiful in the bathroom, so we didn't feel so alone when she went out with Dad and an older cousin looked after us. The scent reminds me of this other world, when my mother transformed herself like a butterfly. If I wear this fragrance I feel more elegant and stylish...a bit more lady...and I play again and again with the thought to make it the signature fragrance. Every time I wear it, I feel more beautiful...and think of the old lipstick and our mother's tailoring...
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7.0 6.0 7.0 6.5/10

40 Reviews
Helpful Review    1
Lipstick Rose... a girl Id love to be..but not in reality....
I just couldnt handle the opening grapefruit, powdery violet lipstick note. Its a plastic rose and not retro at all. Its a quirky feminine scent..a Betsy Johnson type could rock this...sadly not me.
5.0 7.5 7.5 10.0/10

91 Reviews
Helpful Review    4
The work of a true master
It smells exactly like the classic "vintage" lipsticks. EXACTLY.

I get no violet at all. Just a very waxy rose. After it warms up I get more vanilla and amber, giving the waxy rose a bit of a creamy base. There is also a hint of generic "floral" in there. It has moderate sillage and pretty good longevity.

It's a really amazing work of art. I'm absolutely blown away at how well the artist captured that "vintage" lipstick scent. I just don't know if I want to go around smelling like a cosmetic I rarely wear. I can't argue though that it gets five stars for pure artistry. This man is a master of his art.


223 Reviews
Greatly helpful Review    9
War of the Malle Roses 2
In a side by side test (on three members of my staff and my mother, all women teehee) Lipstick Rose beat Une Rose 4 to 0 :o). If I had to choose between them, Lipstick Rose would be the unfortunate loser.

'Violet pastilles', said one of my willing guinea pigs immediately. I concur ... the opening here smells strongly of violet with the vanilla adding a hefty punch of sweetness straight behind. Rather a culinary affair :o) ... i find it too sweet on my skin. The rose here is voluptuous and highly glamorous! Now, I like a jammy rose along with the best of them, but unfortunately Lipstick Rose feels like it was dumped in a vat of saccharine ... the sweet little pastry made a touch nauseating by the hefty snowfall of powdered sugar on top!
I can't say that I don't like it ... because I do! I would love to smell this on the women in my life (apparently so would they) ... but I do find myself leaning toward deeper and darker roses personally ... something a little less 'marshmallow-y'.

This one is undoubtedly a strong feminine, whereas I find Une Rose to be wonderfully unisex.
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7.5 7.5 7.5 8.0/10

1239 Reviews
Very helpful Review    8
Much More Than Lipstick
Although judging from the smell of the sprayer, it might seems as though Frédéric Malle LIPSTICK ROSE is nothing more than a lipstick scent facsimile, it is really much more complex on the skin.

The rose is deep and creamy and slightly sweet with mingling violets and vanilla. Not too sweet though, and there is a decided waxiness to the overall composition which even becomes slightly sharp and crayon-y now and then, in undulating wafts.

The drydown becomes somewhat more sweet and a bit less waxy, but from start to finish this is a very feminine, lovely rose perfume! The sillage is medium and the longevity good--feels like a real edp.

LIPSTICK ROSE is far more glamourous and inviting than the dowager rose soliflores. Perfect for those who hate dry, green, uptight tea rose perfumes but still want to smell like a rose. To me, this creation seems very seductive.
10.0 7.0/10

16 Reviews
Very helpful Review    10
A bright red umbrella on a grey and rainy day...
Yes, lipstick rose smells like a high end lipstick, but also like instant mood lifter, a clowns nose, the ruby red shoes you dream of, the red simple drawn heart you get from your five year old on valentines day and the feeling that anything goes... Wear it in the cold november rain and tell me it doesnt makes yoou at least a little happier, braver and even crazier... Your socks dont match, your hair is a mess, but you wear Lipstick Rose like a crazy red umbrella...

Roses so red they are fading to blue, amped up violets, creamy creamy creamy lushness and you are ready for some spansih flamenco in the middle of the street. Yeah! Not for everyday use though, overdose might causing Lipstick Rose to wear you instead of the other way around, only use when you are in the right mood. Forget about your hairbrush for a day baby!


Briarthorn 3 years ago
Amazing how it perfectly copies the waxy, soft floral bouquet of vintage lipsticks. It brings back memories of my grandmother's vanity table.+3

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