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The Fright, then The Light

Out of pure curiosity, I heard about Frédéric Malle’s The Night and how great it was. I realized the price tag was over $1000 for a 50 ml bottle. Sampling before buying a bottle was the best option here.

After this review, this may have been one of the best decisions on this fragrance journey.


First, The Night opens with a delightful rose scent and a touch of saffron.

However, five minutes into the opening, natural oud comes in strong. In the air and on my skin, the opening of The Night is reminiscent of fecal matter. As the oud becomes more prominent, the more animalistic the opening becomes. As a person who dislikes animalistic accords, this was thoroughly unpleasant. I hated this so much that I started calling the fragrance “The Fright.”

Two hours later, the oud dies down, allowing for the rose and saffron to share the stage again. Woods and incense blend in and become more prominent as the fragrance fades. This point of the smell is outstanding. Oud, rose, and saffron is a proven trio that works, and adding woods and incense enhances this aspect. I loved this aspect so much, I started calling this phase “The Light!”

From an artistic standpoint, The Night is a high-quality masculine smell that stands out, especially at the time of release in 2014. The quality of the oud is top-notch.

From a practical consumer standpoint, if oud is amazing on your skin (or you like the smell of oud), you may have a different result that is fantastic. For people who dislike animalic scents, or oud does not work on your skin, you have my sympathies, as I experienced your pain.


In terms of performance, The Night is easily the best performing fragrance I have witnessed to this date.

With sillage and projection, two sprays can fill a room, and linger around for up to thirty minutes after leaving an area.

The opening alone can last longer than body sprays with two to three hours of longevity. The overall fragrance lasts longer than 24 hours. One must bathe to remove the scent before that point.


Normally, I would talk about the social and seasonal aspects of The Night, like in most reviews, but I will keep it brief.

A room-clearing smell is highly situational; it is not a good idea to use it on a hot summer day, or in an office. It is also a crime against humanity (and a complete waste) to use it in the gym.

Also, is it not a surprise that a fragrance named The Night shines the best in evening situations or colder weather.


That said, part of the truth about The Night is that having a bottle is a monetary flex; few people will buy it on a whim because it costs over $1000 for a 50 ml bottle, and $1800 for a 100 ml.

From an artisan standpoint, the smell is as high quality as it gets, to where the exorbitant price seems somewhat justified. With those factors, by default, it will be one of the unique smells out there.

However, with fragrances, I also look at the practical aspects.

The drydown is easily one of the best fragrances anyone can experience—I would need to break the scale beyond a ten to rate that aspect properly.

However, this contrasts with the opening, which is one of the most disgusting scents I experienced on this fragrance journey. If the opening lasted only 30 minutes, perhaps it is worth dealing with it while completing the rest of my morning routine to smell amazing for the rest of the day. However, most consumers do not have two hours of time where they can smell bad (possibly while in public) for a bigger payoff later.

This, combined with the fact that several fragrance houses have successfully put their own spin on the oud/rose/saffron combo at less than half of the price, makes The Night a pass, especially if you are like me, and know that oud is terrible on your skin.

However, I will set my fragrance biases aside (as that is what a reviewer should be able to do).

A fragrance enthusiast should smell the various phases of The Night at least once.

If you have the funds, and are into legitimate oud fragrances, collect fragrances for artistic or individualistic purposes, or simply have more patience to reach the dry down, a bottle of The Night is a fragrance worthy of your consideration.
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