10.04.2022 - 11:24 AM

A rose without a rose

You're not a fan of spicy and dark rose fragrances?

Even though Malle is famous for his spicy and oriental roses - there is a fresh and green rose offering from the house of Frederic Malle!

It is actually a rose without a rose. Geranium will make you think that you are smelling the best wet rose petals on a woody base.

Opening is peppery and green rose. Fresh and clean. More masculine than feminine.
It is a bit citrusy, but there are no citruses in it! It's citrusy because of the Sichuan pepper.

Just after a couple of minutes, your lungs will get an enormously high dose of blackcurrant. Green and calm.

Then, your nose will be able to detect a whole rose. Petals, stem and thorns. Vetiver and cedarwood will give you a vivid feeling that you're smelling a freshly picked rose from a garden.

I can pickup the idea of leather, but it is not that prominent. It's more like a chypre leather rather than a leather fragrance. Leather is here to give us some kind of a deep 3D feeling.

It is very long lasting and projection is great. It will do the job for the whole and it is a great performer even on a hot summer days.

Rose & Cuir is definitely JCE's strongest fragrance he did for FM.
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