Girl of Now by Elie Saab

Girl of Now 2017

22.10.2017 - 10:21 AM
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I don’t see a girl from nowadays here. It is not like all other perfumes. It has a different approach. It is almond-minty and refreshing.
The opening is fruity and zesty with some traces of pistachios. Then, in a few minutes, the composition becomes refreshing and minty. Maybe the mixture of orange blossom and almond, the notes listed, result in a minty smell. I feel a minty odour with a touch of ginger. Like a cold shower in a hot summer day. The almond is there undoubtedly but it stays somewhere behind and appears from time to time to touch this sparkling composition with a sweet magic is very interesting how the perfume evolves on the skin.
Then, after a while, the almond takes control of the smell. It comes in front. The smells change between them. Now I feel almond as the main smell while the minty odour goes somewhere backwards. This almond note stays until the end and becomes more and more sweet with a creamy facet.
The base is warm and sensual with tonka-patchouli-almond mixture.
Girl of Now is not a wow composition but it is bold in its own way. It does not respect the market requirements. It goes along with other perfumes but I think it will find the right girls for it.
Anyway, the bottle seems to be made today for today’s girls.
If you are a fan of Elie Saab perfumes and you like almond note in a composition, this is a try for you.

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